The Gray is Back

   By madwoman  Nov 03, 2011

Yes folks my Root Rescue, which I put in 7 weeks ago, has worn off and my gray is a showing.

However, this time it didn't really do as good as it did the last time, despite the fact that I followed the directions and left it on for the right amount of time.

Part of me wants to just leave it alone and let nature take its course but the other part of me says, "You're 46 years old and don't really look it, so why should your hair." Besides isn't 46 kind of young to be turning gray?

Actually, mine is more like silver than gray, which means it should look pretty good. That's if it stays that color.

My grandmother on my dad's side had snow white hair and her husband had silver hair. My dad has gray hair. My mom and her side of the family dye their hair until they, well, die. So, I have absolutely no idea what hair color is on that side of the family.

I know that women all over the world dye their hair on a regular basis. The question is, do you? If so, why? If not, then why not? Let me know.



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basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Nov 10, 2011

I've colored my hair all my life, it's just fun...I've been blonde, redhead, auburn, and mistakenly slightly violet when I went dark brown. Color is also a fashion accessory, makes your hair easier to style, keep a style in, and keeps your hair from feeling oily hence your style lasts longer and you can go an extra day between shampoos.

candypo by candypo | Fort Huachuca, AZ
Nov 05, 2011

I'm 31 and have some significant grey hair popping out.. I haven't colored my hair in over a year. I did the keratin treatment and then I got pregnant. I've been debating on getting blond highlights, my hair is dark brown but I'm concerned about the upkeep.. So I think maybe I'll do a box but I'm not sure which way to go.. Blah Brown or maybe a red.. I'm at a loss with my hair right now.. But Good Luck to everyone fighting the Grey wave!

Nov 04, 2011

oh and I'm now 27.

Nov 04, 2011

I have been getting gray since I was in my early twenties. Not like a full head but on the right side I have a streak of gray.

samk1952 by samk1952 | Shepherdsville, KY
Nov 04, 2011

I'll be 60 next year, I love my gray, I've worked hard for it. I just wish there was a product to enhance the gray, not cover it up. Gray may make you look older, but people think I'm younger than my youngest sister (I'm 12 years older). If your face looks old it doesn't matter what you do with your hair. Your attitude and the way you feel about yourself can make you look older too. Being kind to your body and hair keeps them youthful.

Nehamamama by Nehamamama | Allen, TX
Nov 03, 2011

I am 51. When I was a teen, my mom kept her hair dyed platinum blond and I nearly died from embarrassment at the "false" look it had. Fast forward 35 years and from purple to pitch black, nobody is surprised about WHAT color anyone's hair is. Therefore, I say "DYE, baby, DYE!" I don't want fake-looking hair nor do I want to look older than I am. Grey-streaked hair CAN make you look older than you are! I use Nice 'n Easy in a shade just a bit lighter than my natural hair color -- and yes, as time marches on, I must do it every 6 weeks to keep gray hair from taking over the perimeter of my hairline. I must admit that highlighting hair after a dye job makes hair look sun-kissed and more natural -- although it is a pain to color hair then highlight it 1 day later. Until they make a pill (and they are working on one) that inhibits the growth of grey hair, I'll keep spending $8 every 6 weeks to douse my scalp with the quasi-elixir of youth. It's o.k.

tara19652006 by tara19652006 | ALBUQUERQUE, NM
Nov 03, 2011

At 46 I have light blond hair and if I look very close I can see very white stands. Lucky for me they blend in well with my blond hair. I will still dye my hair as I like the way I look.

cocoabella by cocoabella | EL PASO, TX
Nov 03, 2011

at 53 , so far I have been able to get by with just highlighting my hair. I highlight anyway for style-factor and plus it helps camouflage the gray at my forehead and temples. I know before long I will have to dye out the gray and then highlight on top of the dye. Not looking forward to the expense of that or the bother either. I say keep dyeing your hair if it makes you feel good.