The First Day of Autumn

   By satrntgr  Sep 23, 2011

I thought this was a great poem to share for the 1st day of Autumn, coming up this year on September 23rd, 2011.  Enjoy!!




The First Day of Autumn

It was the first day of autumn and much to my amaze
 Were tree tops glistening in a vibrant glaze
 Clad in rich scarlet, orange,and golden hues
 As I stood at my window marveling this view
 The crisp autumn air was perfumed to my delight
 With the fruitful fragerance of orange citrus and spice
 I thought to myself what a beautiful day
 As the indian summer breeze made my curtains sway
 So I rushed to get dressed in a sweater and jeans
 And went for a walk to enjoy this autumn scene
 Children were laughing as they played in leaves  with delight
 I stopped and smiled at such a precious sight
 The houses were decked with golden gourds on their lawn
 And In the woods I spotted a mother deer with her fawn
 The farmers they were reaping crops of wheat, barley, and maize
 As their cows lazily stood in the pasture and grazed
 Chipmunks and squirrels dashed up and down the trees
 All the creatures were busy, yes even the bees
 Together they worked to prepare for a long winters slumber
 While the boys could be found in the wood chopping lumber
 Geese were assembling in a V-shape line
 To fly south for the winter toward a lucent sunshine
 And the lucious red apples clinging to trees I passed by
 Were waiting to be picked and made into pie
 Pumpkins lying in patches glowed in an orange gleam
 Would soon become Jack O' Lanterns as it neared Halloween
 I soon found the day had turned into eve
 So I headed back home and I turned to leave
 This beautiful day had been so fleeting
 It was poetic enough, to have been an autumn greeting
 As I stood on my steps the autumn chill started to bite
 I whispered "Happy Harvest" to all and a have a blessed fall night!


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idevasir by idevasir | RCH CUCAMONGA, CA
Sep 25, 2011

I love this poem!!

molly030107 by molly030107 | dayton, OH
Sep 25, 2011

Thanks for sharing. The leaves are not quite starting to change here in SW Ohio. Won't be long though.

Easy2Save by Easy2Save | LEBANON, OR
Sep 24, 2011

Great Poem! Thank you for sharing :)

DeeRae by DeeRae | TALBOTT, TN
Sep 23, 2011

My favorite time of year. Here in the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, the leaves are starting to change, the temperatures are cool at night and warm during the day, and it is a joy to be alive!

ladym33 by ladym33 | CRYSTAL LAKE, IL
Sep 23, 2011

Very nice poem!