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The Famous Nude Pregnancy Pose: Still a Shocker?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.28.12
The Famous Nude Pregnancy Pose: Still a Shocker?
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Pregnant celebs gracing the cover of magazines a la Demi Moore’s famous 1991 Vanity Fair cover shot has become old hat. From Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera and now Jessica Simpson, many have opted to copy the pose that once shocked so many across the nation. The LA Times reports that at the time the famed Moore Vanity Fair issue was released, some retailers sold the magazine in a brown paper bag as though it were Playboy or Hustler.

Now that more than 20 years have passed since Moore’s pregnant nude pose, it would seem that the public is used to seeing this sort of thing at their local newspaper stands and grocery stores. But a recent report from USA Today reveals that there are some who are still not ready to see that type of image displayed in public.

Workers at one Safeway store located in Tucson have covered Jessica Simpson’s Elle cover with cardboard after receiving multiple complaints from customers who believe the nude pose is too risqué for family shoppers.

In response, Elle magazine had this to say, “We've received an overwhelmingly positive response to Jessica Simpson's cover. She's celebrating her body during this joyous time in her life and we couldn't be happier for her."

What do you think of the nude cover photo of a pregnant Jessica Simpson on Elle magazine?

Is this type of image too revealing for children to see in the checkout line at a grocery store?

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  • keeganandjacksmommy By keeganandjacksmommy

    i think it is a beautiful picture. pregnancy is a beautiful thing. and lets be honest - do you or your child really see more in this picture than you would at the beach? her hands and arms cover more than most bikinis do!

  • Kay3131 By Kay3131

    what work those artists must have done to get that hair looking the way it does!


    I think it's beautiful. But seeing her on TV while she was pregnant makes me think they did a lot of air brushing! She gained a lot of weight. Which makes me feel good! Even celebrities can gain too much weight. It makes them more "real".

  • aliciavarabling By aliciavarabling

    I think Jessica looks AMAZING!! I don't think it's to much for news stands these days!! Also I like how she has gained a healthy amt of weight to ensure a healthy baby unlike some celeb moms who are skin and bones!!

  • Jawscream By Jawscream

    It's a beautiful thing but I don't need to see it

  • acortez18 By acortez18

    There are dresses that are more revealing than this. She is showing the world a beautiful thing. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I approve

  • bridgetem By bridgetem

    I honestly don't think it is all that shocking. It's been done so many times, and it's not in a sexual manner. It's revealing, but she is showing off her baby belly, not her boobs :)

  • heavenly41 By heavenly41

    Take the pics. fine, but keep them between you and your family. I'm tired of my kids seeing 1/2 naked/naked (think Maxim) people on covers of mags. Nudity, even "covered" like this I feel is innapropriate to be on display in public, but then so are a lot of things. In my opinion I think these mags should be covered and treated just as it is "naked women on the front of mags."

  • frymom3 By frymom3

    I love it! Wish I was brave enough to do the same thing ;) ... Having a baby is a beautiful thing, and so is the naked body...there should be a way to teach are kids that there is nothing wrong with their bodies, but at the same time - we don't want to run around naked everywhere...does any of that make sense ... sometimes it's just hard to get my thoughts across....

  • BeccaW By BeccaW

    It is a beautiful picture, but must she put it on the cover of a magazine? Would she pose the same way if she wasn't pregnant? Doubtful. So why does she feel the need to do so while pregnant? I agree with heavenly38, in that I feel she should keep the pictures at home to share with her family and closest loved ones, not the entire world.

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