The Famous Nude Pregnancy Pose: Still a Shocker?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.28.12
The Famous Nude Pregnancy Pose: Still a Shocker?
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Pregnant celebs gracing the cover of magazines a la Demi Moore’s famous 1991 Vanity Fair cover shot has become old hat. From Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera and now Jessica Simpson, many have opted to copy the pose that once shocked so many across the nation. The LA Times reports that at the time the famed Moore Vanity Fair issue was released, some retailers sold the magazine in a brown paper bag as though it were Playboy or Hustler.

Now that more than 20 years have passed since Moore’s pregnant nude pose, it would seem that the public is used to seeing this sort of thing at their local newspaper stands and grocery stores. But a recent report from USA Today reveals that there are some who are still not ready to see that type of image displayed in public.

Workers at one Safeway store located in Tucson have covered Jessica Simpson’s Elle cover with cardboard after receiving multiple complaints from customers who believe the nude pose is too risqué for family shoppers.

In response, Elle magazine had this to say, “We've received an overwhelmingly positive response to Jessica Simpson's cover. She's celebrating her body during this joyous time in her life and we couldn't be happier for her."

What do you think of the nude cover photo of a pregnant Jessica Simpson on Elle magazine?

Is this type of image too revealing for children to see in the checkout line at a grocery store?

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  • sageemily2005 By sageemily2005

    its a great photo..every one has to mock demi moore she did it first now since a couple more have done it shock value..its a gorgeous pic..nothing more to add or say..ppl will be haters and say what they want its a natural thing and i agree with what a few others said she is covered up not like she not covering up her essentials i mean really

  • tris2002 By tris2002

    I think that the picture is pretty. Pregancy is a beautiful and amazing thing and should be celebrated I just don't think that place to celebrate it is nude on the cover of a magazine that is openly displayed to the public. I have to say i'm not totally taken aback by it, maybe i'm just desensitized, but i know i don't prance around my home naked in front of my 2 year old and don't expect him to be exposed to it out in public (if he's even paying attention). But as this article said she is not the first and most likely will not be the last, even with negative reviews there are people that will love this and defend her right to do this. It has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  • sondor By sondor

    She needs to "celebrate her body" in the privacy of her home. When I go by a magazine rack at the grocery store, I have small children in tow and it's very difficult to protect their innocence with all this flesh displayed for the world to see. I soooo agree with heavenly38. I don't like looking at her naked body pregnant or not and I sure don't want my little kids to see it. Cover up the magazine and cover up Jessica. There is nothing decent about the pose. I'm sure she made a lot of money "celebrating her body."

  • adtirey By adtirey

    I think it's beautiful and I 100% support putting it on the front of every magazine. America is way too stuck up when it comes to the human body. We're taught to be ashamed of how we look, not matter how we look, and to cover it up. Go to any country in Europe, learn to embrace the human body, stop teaching our children to be ashamed.

  • nicolelibra143 By nicolelibra143

    Jessica Simpson's baby bump looks beautiful, she is still simply sexy. I want love her jewelery collection that came out, I really want the necklace.

  • stefaniek99 By stefaniek99

    I'm more concerned that kids see this and don't know how much photoshopping goes into making a cover like this. Thinking that's what an actual woman looks like? -- Now that's damaging.

  • bfonsec1 By bfonsec1

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, she is not showing her odds and ends, the main focus is her belly. She is proud and confident. Let her shine and instead of bashing her, people should allow her to enjoy the happiness that comes along with being pregnant. Look at her she is beautiful, and looks much better naked thatn i even do now!

  • royalegacy By royalegacy

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I should know, I had six children. But I believe it is still too close to being a pornographic image. This is not what I would like my young children to see, and I particularly don't want to see her in her naked pose.

  • gunner12345 By gunner12345

    any person that is pregnant is beautiful! She isnt doing it to be trashy she has waited a long time to have a family and I am happy she finally found the right person to start one with!

  • Wicked_Taurean By Wicked_Taurean

    It is a gorgeous, breath taking picture. No one should ever be ashamed of their body, pregnant or not. I love her belly... it makes me miss mine!! =)

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