The Descendants Movie

The Descendants Movie

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Great Movie Rented this movie with my husband a couple of years ago and I have to say it has become one of my favorites. Interesting story that makes you feel good inside at the end. Would highly recommend!

It's ok, nothing to write home about...

It has great critic reviews and wonderful user reviews, but i could barely watch the entire movie without throwing up a little bit. George Clooney is lovely to look at and all, but this story would never happen. Think about it: you're married, but your spouse is in a coma and might die. You find out your spouse is cheating on you. In real life, you are NOT going to go on a mission to meet the other person! (and be pleasant about it, anyways.. ) Don't even watch it. In a year or so, everyone will forget about it, so it's not even worth watching it to keep up with pop culture conversations around the water cooler.

i cried so much...good movie

Ugh! What an annoying movie! Seriously, why the hell do people go nuts over George Clooney in this film? I don't hate him, but there is no reason to go nuts here. Don't waste your time.

I found this movie to be a bit slow and bad acting

Such a great movie...Definetly a tear jerker...makes you think. Saw it with my teenage nieces...They loved it!

This was a wonderful movie! I think it's one of George Clooney's best movies! The scenery was so beautiful!

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was well shot and well acted. I think George Clooney did a far better job than Brad Pitt did in Money Ball and deserves awards for it. I liked the pacing of the movie and thought they did a good job for such a long movie (normally it's hard to correctly pace a long movie and I tend to get bored through them).

George Clooney will likely win an Oscar for his poignant performace as Matt King. With that said, this is definitely a tear-jerker...I recommend packing tissues. The other performances in this movie are fantastic as well; I love the little girl who plays the younger King sibling and so impressive for her first movie role. You will chuckle as some parts... it's not all gloom and doom but if you're looking for a happy ending, this isn't your movie. Also, am I the only one who can only think of Matthew Lillard as Stu from Scream? Just me? Okay...

Okay, you are married to George Clooney. He's a lawyer, multi-millionaire. You live in a beautiful home with your beautiful family in... are you ready? ... Hawaii. Your husband is a descendant of King Kamehameha so you are practically Hawaiian royalty. Now to be fair, your husband is a bit frugal - he believes in living on his earnings rather than the millions he inherited. He won't let you buy a speed boat. You meet a real estate agent. Wait, a married-man-with-child, real estate agent. You fall in love? You are going to ask George for a divorce? As unbelievable as that is, The Descendants was still a good movie! That isn't easy, but the actors and director pulled it off. The scenery of George Clooney, oops, did I say that out loud?, I mean Hawaii, yeah, Hawaii was easy on the eyes too!