The Dark Side of the Super Bowl

   By drodriguez  Feb 01, 2011

As we all get ready for another exciting Super Bowl this year, most of us are not aware of the dark side this event often carries with it.  Law enforcement in Texas, on the other hand, are taking the rise in sex trafficking that these types of sporting events carry with them very seriously.  

A recent report from Newsweek discusses sex trafficking at the Super Bowl and the steps being taken in Dallas to make this year’s event a safer Super Bowl.  The reason why sex trafficking and the exploitation of children tends to rise during these events has to do with the sheer number of people traveling to the area.  

President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Ernie Allen, discusses why the rise in tourism brings with it a rise in human trafficking.  Allen says, “What we’ve learned is that sexual trafficking, sexual exploitation of children in particular, is all about supply and demand.”  This idea becomes all the more clear when you think that more than 100,000 football fans will be traveling to Dallas for the Super Bowl this year.  Pimps see this as an opportunity for business and may travel across the country for an opportunity like the Super Bowl.  

In an effort to thwart this rise in human trafficking, both the attorney general and law enforcement in Dallas have gotten involved in the cause.  The FBI will have a presence at this year’s Super Bowl and they plan to investigate and arrest pimps and johns trading involved with underage girls.  Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made this statement as a way to spread the word about their cause, “We’re trying to send a message to human traffickers that we are watching them.  We will find them, arrest them, and put them behind bars.”

What do you think of the report that the sexual exploitation of children tends to rise during events like the Super Bowl?

Do you think the response of law enforcement in Dallas will be enough to lower the rate of human trafficking at the event?

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MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Feb 17, 2011

Sad situation... so sad.

beth31j by beth31j | Maple Park, IL
Feb 08, 2011

Is this because of all the men congregating to the area?? Dispicable!!!!

katiebug1998 by katiebug1998 | WADSWORTH, OH
Feb 08, 2011

That is one reason next to drug cartels, etc why we need stronger border control around Mexico. I've never heard of human trafficking around a Super Bowl game though but I guess it's a growing thing. I think it's awe full and I think the laws regarding crimes like this against children should be stronger!!!

desireemartika by desireemartika | Clarksburg, WV
Feb 03, 2011

Wow, I never really considered that aspect of large sporting events such as the Super Bowl. I guess, that's the point. The hype in all the media about the game provides criminals a decent cover. I'm glad that the FBI , Texas law enforcement, and Texas' Attorney General are taking steps to prevent these crimes. I only hope it becomes more of a growing trend to stop such atrocious behavior in America.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Feb 03, 2011

Well said, vbutler! This is intolerable.

vanderson by vanderson | APO, AP
Feb 02, 2011

Reasons like this is why we need more states to enforce acts like the Jessica Lunsford act. I also think that Congress should stand behind the states and give out harsher punishments!