Children's Place Clothing Store

Children's Place Clothing Store

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My go to store for the kids This has became my go to store for my kids. The shipping is free (YES even on clarence $2 items) and the price is amazing. I love how they offer the elastic waistbands since my boys def need them. The customer service is helpful if there is ever a problem. Just an amazing store and buy. Also you earn my place cash! So you earn free money as you shop.

Love this store! Love this store! My go to for our kiddos, as they have so many adorable options, along with great prices and always some sort of deal going on! Great quality clothes as well!

Love buying clothes for my nephew here! The clothes, shoes and accessories are adorable!

If you know ANY children... you'll LOVE this store Such a dangerous store - mine most favorite children store ... adjustable hidden waistband inside ALL jeans - their sales are scary dangerous & the clothing last - when you can get a week worth of clothing for not even 50$ ... YEAH - AWESOME store (next to Target "Circo" & "Jake & Cat" & Kohls "Jumping Bean") 5 stars ISN'T enough

Love the baby and kids jeans, those are so cute and such a great price!

Beware they are ripping you off I bought 3 hats from their store for $11 each. The very next day I saw the same hats online for $7 each. I called the store and online customer service to enquire about a possible price adjustment. They told me they don't do that. That all their stores and online have different prices and promotions. So what's the point of being a franchise if I have to search all store locations and online to find the cheapest price? Ridiculous policy, ridiculous pricing. I understand not adjusting weeks later, not applying a coupon after the fact, not adjusting to competitors' prices, but having different prices at different stores/online and not matching your own prices is ridiculous. P. S. And yes, their clothing sizes are always off, that's why I was only buying hats.

I love the prices and fabulous styles for my little ones.They have unique clothes made with great quality.

Great children stores, great prices plus you can sign up for their emails and got sale alerts and coupons!

The clothes in this store are absolutely the best. The only downfall is that they are so expensive and kids grow out of their clothes so fast. But the quality and style are the best and cannot be beat. I would shop here exclusively for my children if I had the money to afford it.

The Children's Place is way too expensive. Their clothes aren't even of very good quality. I washed two shirts I bought for my son and the colors bled so bad I had to work and work with stain remover before he could even wear them.

Awesome with sales all of the time! We always buy our 10 year old daughter's jeans here because they regularly have them on sale for $10 a pair. Kids go through clothes so quickly as they grow that it's nice not to have to spend a fortune on good quality jeans that are durable.

Great for a mam with 3 kids love all there stills they have ❤

Its pricey and tried looking for my son size but can't find it. I bought some clothes for my nephew but it run small.

Great store to actually buy girls dresses in! It is frustrating how hard it is to find appropriate fun clothing for kids at affordable prices. I am so thankful this store was recommended to me. I shop there throughout the year and take advantage of one great sale after another.

I love shopping at Children's Place at our local outlet mall. They always have such great deals. The clothes are so nice, and they are made well.