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  • summerjosephine By  summerjosephine    

    LOVE their music, and every song in this album was just perfectly done.

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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    Great album by a great band. I'm glad to see they're doing so well with new fans, and perhaps opening minds to older music which sounds similar to The Black Keys.

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  • Mora18 By  Mora18    

    A favorite album of mine right now is "El Camino" by The Black Keys. The Black Keys is an American rock band. The record draws strong influence from early music and popular genres from the 1950s?1970s, such as rock&roll, soul, rockabilly, and glam rock. Great album but "Lonely Boy", "Mind Eraser" and "Hell of a Season" are my go to songs in this particular set!

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