The Best Shoes for Summer

   By shefinds  Jun 02, 2010

Personally, we love summer for the footwear. Wedges, flat sandals, simple flip-flops - the sorts of shoes that are easy to wear, comfortable, and cute to boot.  

Take full advantage of the season with footwear that really works for your own personal routine. 

City Commuter: The Handbag Switch

For those of us walking from home to the subway, from the subway to the office, and from the office to dinner, a light-but-supportive commuting shoe is a necessity. Instead of flip-flops for all that walking, opt for strappy flat sandals: they’ll do a better job of holding your foot, and can actually be even lighter than rubber thongs.

The sky’s the limit once you get to work, but we’re particular fans of nude shoes this season - they match all of our summer dresses perfectly. 

Stay-at-Home Mom: Wear-With-Everything Flats 

For the always-running-around mom, we’d suggest a quality pair of flat shoes. They’ll pair perfectly with any of your jeans or cargoes (both long and cropped), and look chic on even the hottest days with a pair of cuffed shorts, a v-neck tee, and a long necklace. 

Plus, the budget-conscious mom can also wear these all fall, unlike summer-only flat sandals. 

Suburban Driver: Flip-Flops And Power Pumps 

Since you’re not really walking anywhere in them, flip-flops are the natural (read: easiest) choice to commute in. Once you’re at work, a pair of high-heeled peep-toe pumps should do the trick: You’ll look put-together and powerful, but only have to keep it together in stilettos until you get back in the car. 

On Your Feet All Day: Walkable Wedges 

They’re summer’s greatest footwear gift: Shoes you can find on each end of the fanciness spectrum, that both give you a height boost and the comfort of walking without fearing you’ll fall over. Wedge shoes - moderately high ones, if you’re literally up and about for eight hours - can see you through the entire season of workdays. 

What’s your go-to summer shoe?

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jkikibear by jkikibear | SAINT PETERS, MO
Jul 20, 2010

I bought some Flip flops from Rocket dog. They are the most comfortable flip flops I have owned. They are not completely flat so i don't feel like I will slip out of them.

enizabeth2004 by enizabeth2004 | SANTA ANA, CA
Jun 27, 2010

i love wearing my flip flops i have them in almost every color but to make outfits look a little better i try to wear my wedges on special ocasions...

fcrcsrrpr by fcrcsrrpr | westville, NJ
Jun 25, 2010

Love flips, but love summer shoes!! Sneakers, not so much!

mimizcorrea by mimizcorrea | fresno, CA
Jun 16, 2010

for summertime i love to wear wedges and flip flops!

piscesgrly2 by piscesgrly2 | GALT, CA
Jun 12, 2010

I love flip flops! I also like Keds and flat sandals.

seasandy50 by seasandy50 | Lapeer, MI
Jun 11, 2010

For casual everyday FIT-FLOPS! New cute styles and no more back pain!!

tippydowns by tippydowns | PACE, FL
Jun 07, 2010

My go to summer shoe is Volatile flip flops, they are so comfortable and they have so many different styles to choose from, i walked all day at Disney World wearing them and they were great & they have a wedge, i hate flat flip flops.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Jun 05, 2010

Love the wedges and the heels. Not a big fan of flats, not very comfortable. Noticing the old Keds (both the canvas and leather style) making a come back in stores.

TheMal by TheMal | LOMBARD, IL
Jun 02, 2010

I am very fond of wedges and pumps. I have lots of outfits to pair them around and they make my legs look amazing. I absolutely hate beach sandals. To be honest, I can't even stand calling them "flip flops". Haaaa.

skeeter1 by skeeter1 | HAYDEN, ID
Jun 02, 2010

My go to shoe in the summer is flip flops. I love them. I have them in lots of colors, they are comfortable and look great with skirts or shorts. I am almost 6 feet tall and do not like to wear high heels, so they work in that way also.