Thanksgiving Throwdown

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Thanksgiving Throwdown
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Your family may be bringing the pumpkin pie and stuffing to the Thanksgiving table this year, but they will probably also bring the tension and conflict.  For many women Thanksgiving translates into high anxiety, this according to a new survey released from iVillage that asks women what their Thanksgiving is like with family.

The poll reveals that 68 percent of women expect there to be some type of family drama at their Thanksgiving celebration before the dessert is served.  It didn’t matter whether the respondent was hosting the feast or not.  

Half of the women who were not hosting Thanksgiving this year responded saying that their own family would end up annoying them throughout the holiday, while 57 percent said their in-laws would be the ones responsible for causing the anxiety.  Women placed most of the in-law blame on sister-in-laws and mother-in-laws.  One in ten women admitted that they were actually dreading the coming holiday.

One additional cause of stress for a lot of women this year will most likely be related to the poor economy.  The poll reveals that more than 40 percent of women are attempting to combat their money troubles by using coupons to pay for their Thanksgiving feast.  

Do you expect there to be conflict with family members at your Thanksgiving day feast this year?

How do you deal with tension at the dinner table?

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  • papkin45 By papkin45

    My family use to be that way,but I fixed that problem ,I only cook for my own household.

  • towens84 By towens84

    I never experienced a Thanksgiving Throwdown... until this year. Tensions were high, and attitudes were RUDE! Also, one of our very dramatic family members had a little too much to drink, and ended up calling an ambulance because she was...dizzy *rolls eyes* It was a disaster! My hubby and I had a huge fight and ended up spending Thanksgiving apart (we are fine now) I don't how that could have been avoided, this was a first. Hopefully it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

  • girl17 By girl17

    We totally had drama this year because we spent 2 weeks with my parents! We were all out of our normal routine and very stressed. When Thanksgiving dinner came around it was all too much to have to wait and decide who was going to carve the turkey. I handle the drama and stress by trying to pick my battles, and when the situation escalates remove myself before anything blows.

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    Very quiet here in our home, as usual. This year we did not visit my in-laws and I am glad. We heard that, as usual, there was too much drinking and fighting there. So nice to behave that way in front of children. Needless to say, that's why we don't go there.

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    We have an in-law who makes it her purpose in life to be disagreeable. Most of us just ignore her. Our families are of various religions, so we say a Christian grace and a grace of the Jewish faith. This annoys her to no end and she demonstrates her ignorance! So, there's a lot of eye-rolling, but like I said, it's better to ignore those things you cannot change and enjoy life with those who make you happy!

  • baybay11 By baybay11

    Oh yes, while I love my family and in-laws, the holidays definitely bring stress and tension. A big part of the problem, of course, is money. My family lives across the state from us, and they do not understand how much it costs us to travel that far, especially since we always go there and most of them have never been to my home. I think all families have their drama, and with my family, it goes so far that my therapist actually recommends my not attending the family functions, as it causes me so much stress... but then there is the guilt, as they all make me feel like a horrible daughter/sister, etc. for not showing up. It is a struggle every year, so I just do the best I can. Sometiimes I go, sometimes I don't... I just have to decide which option is best for me at the moment.

  • nikikz By nikikz

    I hosted Thanksgiving, and we had a nice blessed holiday, we couldn't all be together but inevitably extended family may have/ want to do their own things. Holidays are for relaxation and joy in our hoshold albiet slightly stressful in the days leading up to with all the shopping, cleaning, cooking.

  • littleneko By littleneko

    Real easy Thanksgiving for us. Totally agree with jh0816; no issues and less stressful having family members that don't bring drama and don't put on airs:)

  • josmommy By josmommy

    There can be family drama but what big family gets together without some drama.really.

  • RissaG By RissaG

    I never had to deal with conflicts on Thanksgiving.

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