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  • drosenheck By  drosenheck    

    Can't go wrong with Teavana

    You really can go wrong with Teavana teas! Their teas have so much flavor and the Earl Gray is delicious. It is not acidic and has a very nice flavor. These teas are amazing and if you haven't tried them you will want to treat yourself. It is well worth the extra money that you pay as opposed to the grocery store brands.

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  • TheMobilityMom By  TheMobilityMom    


    OMG!! this is one of Teavana many flavorful teas. I am a huge tea drinker adn I love this traditional Earl grey in the morning.

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  • OkieDokieMama87 By  OkieDokieMama87    

    OMG One of my favorite flavors Teavana has to offer is one of the most simple and traditional teas!

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  • mslejean By  mslejean    

    It's a great caffienated tea, that is not as strong as coffee. You only need one cp, but it's so good. I sometimes have two. The cannister also holds the flavor in very well.

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  • cranra27 By  cranra27    

    This tea is so fragrant and amazing. I love brewing it fresh every am, it smells as good as it tastes. The canisters they sell keep the tea fresh and fragrant.

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