Taylor Swift Speak Now

Taylor Swift Speak Now

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Swifty always My #1 album by Ms. Swift!! Every single song is magical & the speak now tour was a dream!

Love her music! The songs are catchy and surely will make u him to them all day.

I enjoy a lot of her music, especially this album!

Only reason she comes out with new albums is because her friends don't wave back to her or she goes through a breakup

Seems like it has some catchy tunes. But I tend to get her songs stuck in my head and then I start hating the song. Not sure if that is a good thing.

Good album and is exactly would I expect from a Taylor Swift album. I didn't have to worry that there would be songs I wouldn't like because it's just as catchy as her other albums.

By far one of the BEST albums out there. This CD is fun, inspiring, and almost every song sends a good message. My oldest daughter loves Taylor's music, because Taylor writes songs that every teen girl can relate to. Compared to majority of top artists right now, Taylor's music is always clean, and appropriate for the whole family.

I love Taylor Swift. They only thing I don't like is all her songs are pretty much about the same hting.

I didn't care for the title song, the words I read befor I listened I liked but it didn't feel right with the music, I love most of the other songs... but I fee it should have been titeled diffrent. Love Taylor :)

Another great album from taylor- shes very talented

Got to say: Oh my God, Taylor - why are you so Mean?! Dear John... Sure, John Mayer's breakup with you might have been a traumatizing experience - but it's your fault that you even dated him in the first place. Taylor; I love you, but I really don't appreciate how you're pretending you're 100% Innocent. (Notice how I'm referencing her songs... I feel pretty clever right now.) This album isn't disappointing at all, but if you look closely at the lyrics, you'll notice how she's putting her exes down more than ever. Back to December was the sweetest apology I have ever heard. I don't know who Haunted is about, but it's another one of my favorites. Speak Now (the song, not the album) applies to pretty much every teenage girl. Give it a whirl. Just listen to the music and try not to hate her for the lyrics.

Taylor Swift hasn't made an album i didn't love & this album did not disappoint. I replayed this whole album for months. She is an amazing song writer.

Again this Cd is amazing she has a wonderful voice and melodies are amazing you wont regret your purchase an amazing Christmas gift to stock up on for those teens in our live!.

I love this album!!!!!

As an adult, I don't want to like Taylor Swift, but I do. This is by far her best album. Almost every song is great.