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  • soreta By  soreta    

    its good at good price i always get up &up brand its reasonable and works s great in general

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  • kittyyoga By  kittyyoga    

    Just as good as brand name. We love them.

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  • BoxerMommaz By  BoxerMommaz    

    We use these all the time and they work great! I love the Up & Up quality and price, and buy a lot of different products in the brand.

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  • adstjohn By  adstjohn    

    I buy these for my kitchen and as a kitchen bag they are great as long as they are not overly filled. If I toss to much the pulls will come out and if I need to clean other parts of the house I grab a thinker bag. So if you are just tossing general kitchen garbage they are great but heavier things and they don't hold up.

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  • Amy131 By  Amy131    

    We go through a lot of garbage bags and I buy these each and every time. A great value for the money and I have never had a problem with them.

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  • Kisha3377 By  Kisha3377    

    The bags leaked a lot

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  • hjropp By  hjropp    

    I have tried them and have no problem I buy the 150 count. The price is good.

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  • nikkisg By  nikkisg    

    I have bought these many many times and have no probelm with them at all there are good price compared to the major brands so you get more bang for your buck they dont rip or tear as long as you dont over stuff them just know when and what time to throw your trash so it never gets overstuffed!!thats the key!

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  • shortj1016 By  shortj1016    

    I love Target and trust Target so in order to save some money, I bought their brand of garbage bags and of course I bought the big box. I thought how can garbage bags be bad? Boy was I wrong. DO NOT buy their garbage bags. It isn't even full and when we pull up the bag to pull it out of the trash can, the bag would rip at the top. Even when it isn't even heavy! It rips constantly. I will never buy those bags again. My husband and I were so happy when we finally used the last bag up!

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