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Target Rocks!! Target is one of the best stores!! Our family and friends shop there frequently and love the selection.

I love Target ❤️❤️ Man I love Target they price match everything I love their friendly and family orientation I love them so much I appreciate Target go Target ❤️❤️

Who doesn?t love target. Target is my go to store. The store are clean and organized which makes it easy to shop.

I was always a loyal shopper at Target, but due to the company?s recent political climate I?m no longer a customer.

My second home Target is quite literally my second home. I even have the Redcard which is an amazing deal. It links up directly to your debit card and gets you 5% off every purchase. And if you have the app, you can scan each product for a possible discount

Great deals if you use the chartwheel and redcard you can get some great deals by using the chartwheel plus the red card, I also find the employess are also very helpful whenever I need help with anything!

Target Best place ever! Great for home irks and groceries!

I love Target! Target is one of my go-to places especially since they have a lot of pokemon cards which my son loves to collect. plus they just have great sales and a great loyalty program. I can always find something to get for my family at Target!

Great way to spend a few hours Target has become a go to for my family and I. They have a lot of great brands and a really good selection of items to browse. I also like how they are getting more brands that are from people like me. I like exploring all the new items they have and recently my local target went through a store upgrade with Ulta now in it and its great. Also the little food court and starbucks is great so you can make a day out of it.

We love Target! We LOVE Target!! We go at least 3 times a week! My only complaint would probably be the employees not being personable. I always feel like I'm in their way when trying to go around them and that they are annoyed.

Target is a good mid-line shopping experience. Not too cheap and not too expensive. You may be able to find some products at a lesser price at Wal-Mart, however Target has much better clothing options and for the most part are competitively priced. The stores are clean and staff has always been helpful and courteous.

Target Lover Target has been my love since before it became the Mom thing. I have always enjoyed being able to walk through the aisles, enjoy a coffee, look at items & purchased everything I need and then some.

Consistency I enjoy going into target because they are so accommodating to different needs. I like that they price match from a variety of different stores. They also have the cartwheel app which lets you take advantage of other discounted items. I can't ever go in there and leave with the one item I went in there initially. If I have a bad experience, they try their best to make it right.

Good but not Its a nice store but the prices are to high for families that do not have a lot of income. They're are friendly and the stores are clean. But when you can get the same items for less at Wal-Mart the average family would stop there

Best Store in the World! Hands Down! Target has to be the only store in the world I can go into for one thing and walk out with a cart worth $400 of all sorts of miscellaneous items...and not be mad about it! I'm being completely honest! They have quality products for amazing prices! They have adorable and affordable cloths. On trend styles. Name brand groceries for half the price of local supermarkets. Lawn and Patio supplies for dirt cheap . The furniture and baby cloths though?? Am I right? Or am I right ladies? Who in the world could not like Target? Sorry but...We can't be friend girl ❤