Target Microplush Blanket

Target Microplush Blanket

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Soft, Comfortable, Durab;e My husband and I have been using this blanket for a few years now, and it's held up very well. It's still soft and comfortable, and has gone through several washings. We have it on our bed all year, and it can be used alone or over a regular sheet. Perfect for cold weather, if you cover your entire body with it when it's cold, or just your legs if it's too hot.

Just bought this last week at Target. We chose this one because we were in need of a blanket we could keep on our bed all year that wasn't too hot nor cold. The feel of this blanket is amazing and super soft. We put it on our bed with the temperature outside being in it's upper 50s to lower 60s. Unfortunately it didn't feel warm enough to keep us warm and cuddly, had to put on another blanket. I use to have a microfleece blanket that was very easy to cuddle with and although this has the same texture and feel, this feels a little on the thinnier side. This will be great for our Texas summer nights, because it's thin and soft. However we have replaced it with a thicker blanket for our Texas lack of winter nights where we hit the 50s.

Great Price! Very soft and cuddly, and doesn't "shed" as some do. I still use this blanket all the time and it has held up very well!

Feels great I love to cuddle with this blanket and it's fair priced

My hubby bought this blanket last year because it's soft and huge and I could cuddle both of my kids without anyone fighting over the blankets. We all loved it! It has some magic sleeping power on my hubby- if he wraps up in it, he's destined for sleepyland. My 14 year old some loves it so much that he asked for one for Christmas to keep in his room!