Target Market Pantry  Chickadees

Target Market Pantry Chickadees

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Loved them.. They taste just like Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.

These are some of my favorite snacks, both me and my friends love them. A great light weight, but filling snack. Great for people on the go.

Tried them and although they weren't bad I would probably not purchase them again. Very cheesy and messier than the Goldfish. The box I purchased was in perfect condition but more than half of the contents were in pieces...perhaps I got the bottom of the batch cause it was mostly crumbs instead of chicks.

My daughter LOVES these -- LOVES them. I feel less guilty about her having them than her eating Goldfish -- because I buy the whole grain chickadees. My niece tried them when I was babysitting her -- now she doesn't want Goldfish but "kickAdeeees!" :)

I love these even more than regular goldfish, I think these have a much better crisp and taste to them!

These things are super good! I don't like goldfish but could eat these crackers all day long.

These are a great alternative to the name brands. Crispy with good flavor and at a great price. I usually pick up two boxes on every target trip.

I was craving a salty, cheesy snack the other day and went looking at the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Next to them sat boxes of Target brand Chickadees, at 60 cents less a box (and a more content). I tried them, and am thrilled I did. They are little chick shaped cheddar crackers, thinner and crisper than Goldfish. A perfect snack when you need something salty and cheesy. Try them!