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  • AsiaDiva By  AsiaDiva    

    I like these jeans. My Great Neiece was very please and happy. The pri price jeandce of them u can't beat them. A very affordable price for these jeans.

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  • ccummins10 By  ccummins10    

    Very great price and even better make! They have survived many months with my daughter!

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  • pandi410 By  pandi410    

    Can't be beat! I typically pick them up on clearance for 5-7$ and they make it through 2 kids and are still in such good shape that I pass along to my niece!

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  • saphy1230 By  saphy1230    

    These are great jeans and seem to have really good wear.

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  • nicole317 By  nicole317    

    Love Circo jeans for kids! They seem to run a bit large, long. My daughter wears a full size smaller in circo pants. They hold up very well and only started to wear in the knees after over a year of wearing them!

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  • missmossy By  missmossy    

    I love Target clothes for children; they are cheap and adorable! Circo brand is wonderfull for the simple fact that the price is affordable, the clothes are comfortable and stylish, and they hold up well.

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  • StephSillo By  StephSillo    

    LOVE these! My daughters are tough on clothes and their jeans especially. Circo jeans really last, wash well and take a beating. Love the fact that they offer sizes like 10+ (provide a little extra butt room, which my daughter likes).

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  • jharb65 By  jharb65    

    I like almost all the jeans at Target as long as they stay around $21. range it just doesn't make sense to pay anymore.

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  • deefbi By  deefbi    

    I like these jeans for my little girl, she's a cruiser and since the price is affordable I don't feel bad if she ruined them.

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  • kara331 By  kara331    

    I like them but the bunch up at the waist but the price is right!!

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  • FANOOK30 By  FANOOK30    

    All 5 of my children wear these jeans. They are especially good for my very thin 9 yr. old since they are adjustable.

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  • hdmeza By  hdmeza    

    LOVE these jeans! Great size choices including slim, adjustable waistbands, modern styling and VERY affordable!! They hold up well a pair will typically last an entire school year for my highly active 7yr old daughter! THESE ARE A GO-TO PURCHASE FOR US!!!!!!!!!

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  • mari95flores By  mari95flores    

    Gotta agree, LOVE love Circo & Target. The stuff is cute & durable!!!

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  • msbauman By  msbauman    

    We love the Circo clothes at Target! The jeans have adjustable waistbands, but you have to be careful because their shorts do not always have it. A lot of times you can wait for them to go on sale and get shorts and shirts for $4 and you cannot beat that!

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  • ibeth0509 By  ibeth0509    

    I have only boys, so when I had to buy gift for girl I really don't know what to buy.... So, I when to target and bought this pairs of jeans..She was happy beacuse that the only jeans she really likes.

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