Tangle Teezer Original

Tangle Teezer Original

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Great for wet hair, doesnt pull out hair , makes combing easy!

Wonderful for tangles! At first it doesn't look like it will work but it does!

I have very thick hair and this made my hair pretty manageable to brush when usually it is a nightmare. I wasn't sure how this would work, but it definelty surprised me!

This was recommended for my natural hair but I don't like the pulling and tugging

I was skeptical to think this plastic little brush would help but... wow, it's now one of my holy grail products. I have thick hair that gets very knotted up because I hate admitting this but I have a bad habit of playing with it and usually have it up in a bun. It usually takes me forever to brush out my hair, my head hurts and I lose a lot of hair but when I used this I couldn't believe it. Did not take long to brush out, hardly any fall out and my head wasn't killing me. I would definetley recommend this product.

I have no problem use n this for my hair which is thin but have had issues with my kids hair

Love love love this ! Does not break or tangle my hair it's perfect for all ages and different types of hair

I babysit for these little girls and I use this brush on their hair every night. They both have baby fine long hair and this works so great without tugging on their hair. No more tears at bathtime!

I was extremely skeptical when buying this brush--I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up because NO brush has ever worked for me. In fact, I'm used to getting tangles out with my fingers (which hurts like hell and takes up a lot of time...not to mention makes you lose all that hair). After trying this product out for about a week now, I can honestly say this is the first time brushing my hair doesn't feel like a chore. It actually feels nice on my scalp (and gets rid of dandruff flakes easily), detangles without pulling on my hair or hurting my sensitive scalp, and HEY, it's purple!