Tampax Pocket Pearl 36-Count

Tampax Pocket Pearl 36-Count

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100% recommend!! Very comfortable and works great!! Don't ever have to worry about any leakage !

Great product They work very well. No leaks and great pocket size.

My Go To Tampon for the Past 5 years My go to Tampon. I've been using this brand of Tampons for the past 5 years. The only reason why i'm not giving this 5 stars is because I sometimes i pull the bottom part of the applicator out while trying to "assemble" the tampon. This is only for the small one that fit in your pocket. I have no issues with the standard size ones.

I love these so much. As a hair stylist it's nice having something small I can carry thru work if needed and no one knows I'm running to the bathroom or why.

This product is definitely not one of the worst tampons that I have used, but it is definitely not the comfiest. Which is surprising for this company. It would not be my first choice, but it would not be my last either

So easy to hide in a clutch the leak guard will help your in your time of needs love ITV

Great This product is great for on the go! Easy to take in my purse, pocket, etc. I love how easy it is to click the tampon into full size

Great Against Leaks! Very effective against leaks, cute packaging, and the small size makes it easy to carry around with me to work! I love the leak-guard braid, it really does help.

Tampon quantity Go to. Easy absorbtion rate. Retains well. Easy to put in and dispose of. Wish there were more in the box

GO GET NOW LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Amazing because of the sIze. Easy to hide anytime and easy to use. Recommend to everyone!

Not fond of the "pocket" applicator. Not very fond of having to pull out the section that has to push the tampon inside me, as it tends to NOT work properly. In a pinch, I'll use it, however I rather not. I'd rather use a full sized tampon and store that in my purse.

Tampons Great on leakage control amazing prices and reliable

good Great product I use as a back up when my flow is kinda heavy and use it overnight for hoping I dont have any leaks while tossing and turning at night and these usually do a great job.

Tampax has always been the leader in the feminine product world. I really love the new applicator and packaging. The smaller size makes changing a lot more discreet especially at work when putting the old style applicator in your pocket is infeasible without people noticing. However the tampon has always had a problem with leakage. My guess is the way the cotton is wound up in the applicator. When wet, it spirals open and leaves small creavases in between layers of cotton. I don't know if that's truely a design flaw or if leakage is always going to happen when wearing tampons, all apart of individual flow needs. Overall I think this is a great product and I love the innovative way of improving the applicator and making it smaller and more discreet.

Smaller is better No one loves having to use them or let others know so the small size helps