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  • amandaromanramirez By  amandaromanramirez    

    Best tampons for a beginner! but if you have a lot of flood, not recommended, unless if you know you can change it every 2 hours.

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  • EileenD By  EileenD    

    Can they make these organic?

    The plastic applicator makes these so much easier to use. They seem to only last a few hours but that's probably best. I do wish they would make these organic and remove the chemicals from the products. There seem to be so many studies connecting tampons to feminine health issues.

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  • Extremelyhonest01 By  Extremelyhonest01    

    Okay product

    I use these for emergencies. Does not feel very comfortable but, it does do the job for a few hours.

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  • Eureka00 By  Eureka00    


    Works okay. Just doesn't stay in right very long.

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  • jonilosmom By  jonilosmom    

    Tampax Pearl Plastic Applicator

    Tampax Pearl tampons work well and have good absorbency, I find the best value when I buy the larger size boxes.

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  • hhelmreich By  hhelmreich    

    These are my favorite tampons of all time! Most comfortable brand of tampons I have used

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  • Blair199120 By  Blair199120    

    My favorite tampon

    Love these tampons. No leakage. Very comfortable. Easy to use. I highly recommend. A+++

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  • Emschick707 By  Emschick707    

    Love this product

    Tampax is the only brand I use and the pearl makes insertion and comfort sooo easy!!! I just wish tampax would jump on the organic cotton and eco friendly applicator thing right now as I?m actually looking to change to something along those lines but love the protection tampax offers!!

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  • Tru14JC By  Tru14JC    

    Go back!

    I love these tampons! However, the last 3 boxes I?ve purchased I?ve been having difficulty with inserting and comfort as well. I believe it?s the NEWdark blue plastic that I?ve not been to happy with. Don?t know what they?ve tried to improve but go back to the light blue cuz I?ve been using them for the past 20 years!

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  • Neesecolumbus By  Neesecolumbus    

    Love love loveee❤️ They were my first ramping ever and they are so comfortable

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  • lowgee82 By  lowgee82    

    Plastic FTW

    These work great! I love the plastic because it seems to be less of a struggle to use. These have the extra back up on the string. They do their job.

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  • jennk620 By  jennk620    

    Got my sample box. thank you. Very pleased, does the job, no problems. would definitely recommend. High quality, works better than other brands I have used. This is a brand I rely on.

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  • lyndsayra By  lyndsayra    

    More absorbent!

    These tampons are very comfortable. Easy to insert. And work great. They are more absorbent then most brands, so less likely to bleed through

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  • jduplessis By  jduplessis    

    Tampax Pearl

    These are the only type of tampons I like to use. The plastic applicator make insertion quick and easy. They are also very absorbent. I would definitely recommend these to someone.

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  • mollzim9 By  mollzim9    


    I love this product it is comfortable. Dont really care for the packaging but very comforable

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