Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons

Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons

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Tampax Pearl These tampons do a great job at preventing leaks.

They are ok I wish these were organic! I love the fact that they are discreet!❤️

My only pons Always my first choice for tampons . I am young and not on any BC pills . I had my hubby snipped years ago so I could get off the pill. These are the only tampons I use that actually work for my heavy periods

I recommend these These are great and comfy for daily use during period.

Love these Absolutely love these. They are the only tampons I will use. They are smooth and I don't have issues with leaking.

Love them! These and the compact are the only tampons I buy! They make me feel so comfortable and definitely do it's job!

The best tampons These are seriously the only tampons I buy. They are super comfortable.

Best tampons for a beginner! but if you have a lot of flood, not recommended, unless if you know you can change it every 2 hours.

Can they make these organic? The plastic applicator makes these so much easier to use. They seem to only last a few hours but that's probably best. I do wish they would make these organic and remove the chemicals from the products. There seem to be so many studies connecting tampons to feminine health issues.

Okay product I use these for emergencies. Does not feel very comfortable but, it does do the job for a few hours.

Meh Works okay. Just doesn't stay in right very long.

Tampax Pearl Plastic Applicator Tampax Pearl tampons work well and have good absorbency, I find the best value when I buy the larger size boxes.

These are my favorite tampons of all time! Most comfortable brand of tampons I have used

My favorite tampon Love these tampons. No leakage. Very comfortable. Easy to use. I highly recommend. A+++

Love this product Tampax is the only brand I use and the pearl makes insertion and comfort sooo easy!!! I just wish tampax would jump on the organic cotton and eco friendly applicator thing right now as I'm actually looking to change to something along those lines but love the protection tampax offers!!