Takeya  Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

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Brew Up a Cold One! Always a big fan of cold brew coffee, but on a tight budget this past Summer, I opted to purchase this affordable cold brew coffee maker to easily brew it at home, on my own. Ever since purchasing it, it has become my go-to small appliance/tool! In fact, I use it to prepare fresh cold brew each day, given how easy it is. In a few simple steps, adding coffee and water, within hours, fresh, pure cold brew is ready and waiting for me in my refrigerator! The first time I enjoyed it, I was so taken aback by how similar it tasted to my favorite coffee shop's version of cold brew. It is definitely an impressive product and well worth the money I paid for it.

The good The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is affordable, easy to use and a snap to clean, and uses fewer beans to create tasty iced coffee. ... The bottom line While the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker won't satisfy drinkers of strong coffee, its low price and solid brewing chops will make budget shoppers happy

Simple, portable and leak proof cold brew pitcher Making cold brew coffee is pretty easy. It was finding the right mechanism to do it with was harder. This lightweight BPA free pitcher with fine mesh filter sits perfectly on the door of my refrigerator. It is great to use while traveling/camping and easy to clean. I love this!

Easy and delicious cold brew! Once I got the Takeya cold brew maker, I have never looked back! I think I have used my other coffee machine about 3-5 times in the last 10 months, because I ALWAYS want to make coffee using this cold brew maker. It's very easy to make, and the coffee is strong and smooth. I love it!

Makes flavorful Cold Brew Coffee. Simple and Easy to use and is cheaper than buying at your local coffeehouse.

Easy way to make iced coffee at home This is a great little iced coffee maker. Really easy to use - just add ground coffee & water and let it sit overnight. It makes really smooth, concentrated iced coffee that you can pour over ice - sometimes I add some water to it with my cream & sugar. Delish!