Taken Movie

Taken Movie

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I did not care for this movie at all. The plot sucked and all it was was action/fight scenes. I'm a huge fan of action movies but not when the plot suffers because of it

Amazing action scenes and wonderful plot line

Lots of action! Unlike anything I have seen before.

Great movie. Makes you scared to ever travel alone out of the country

Great movie. Really makes you think about things!!

Liam Nielson is great in Taken. I can't wait to see the sequel.

great movie.

This movie kept me at the edge of my seat. Great movie

I loved this movie. It was very action packed and I could feel the panic in the parents when they found out their daughter was abducted. So glad the dad was willing to go through so much to get her back. I have recommended it to numerous people!

My son and I really loved this movie because there wasn't a dull moment it. The fact that Liam Neeson is in it was a bonus because he's such a great actor.

My husband wanted to buy this movie, but i wasn't so sure about it at first. After watching it though, it was amazing! It was so action packed, I got lost in the story!

Awesome movie very suspensful love Liam Neeson and Amazing actor

An incredible movie! Neeson is amazing here. I've recommended it to many people.

Such a scary concept - having children, and worrying that something bad might happen...BUT the movie does an excellent job of portraying all of this in action packed style. I think Neeson does a pretty good job in any movie he is in, so I might be a prejudiced - but, this is a great movie, just the same.

I know I have seen this movie 5 times and also made my daughter watch it. It is action packed, keeps moving and never any down time. The movie goes by fast.