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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    I loved this and have used them for all my children when going out to eat. It is perfect for little ones who are just learning to eat. Easy clean up.

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  • TheRunningTeacher By  TheRunningTeacher    

    These are AWESOME for on-the-go families and perfect for restaurants! No more leaving behind a giant mess. One hint. Before adhering to the table, quickly do a wipe down of the area with a wipe, dry, then put on the placemat! :D It'll stick!

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  • ZigZag450 By  ZigZag450    

    My opinion: these are great! I loved that my daughter. Oils drop food on the table at a restaurant and like little ones do...pick it up and eat it! These stick on and though they are not reusable they are still perfect for when you're out and about. It also kept my daughter entertained because of the cute, colorful characters! Worth to have!!

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    I feel these are totally wasteful when you can just use plastic reuseable mats that are easily wipede off.

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  • dollbaby82 By  dollbaby82    

    I love these! It is great to be able to have something clean between LO and the dirty restaurant tables. They are so convenient, we have a pack in the diaper bag and in the car, and we use them all the time!

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  • HelloAnnaH By  HelloAnnaH    

    A must have for babies learning to eat and young toddlers. I use them for my 11 month old because she's too young to use a plate for her food. I can stick this on the table at restaurants and pour out some puffs and she just sits eating and admiring the artwork.

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  • minivanmom08 By  minivanmom08    

    I love these for both my girls. My husband thought I was crazy at first for using them but insists on them now!

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  • deeraffreeg17 By  deeraffreeg17    

    Absolutely love these!! So easy and convenient to use! Switched from a "Tiny Diner" to these and never going back!

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  • amy6901 By  amy6901    

    these are a dream for restaurants, however i wish they stuck a little more to the table. Its nice to know it is clean where my boy is eating.

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  • THauge By  THauge    

    I love the idea behind these. However, they do not work for me and my family. My kids rip them off the table too easily. It's great that they won't damage the table, but the fact they come off so easily just adds to the mess. Instead of making clean up a breeze, my kids end up flinging food everywhere.

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  • christina_weaver03 By  christina_weaver03    

    I never leave home without these so glad someone created ths item.

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  • ambermcmyne By  ambermcmyne    

    WOW! i know i shouldnt be leaving a review because i havent tried these but i have to say what a great idea!!! i wish i had know about these when my son was younger, but i do now have another little one on the way so ill have to keep this in mind.

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  • AprilShowers By  AprilShowers    

    These are great. I do wish they had some sort of a crumb catcher (they make them for disposable bibs, why can't they make them for disposable place mats?). Still well worth the money.

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  • amy0901 By  amy0901    

    We don;t use these anyomre since our daughter is 4 but when she was little, we used them all the time! I just felt better knowing that her food and toys were not sitting on a dirty resturant table. Plus, at the end of the meal, I just peeled it off and balled up her mess. I LOVE them!!!!

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