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  • CarisaLin By  CarisaLin    

    I love these shoes. The longer you wear them the more comfortable they get. I can wear them for a casual day out and also a night out with a dressier outfit

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  • makanani2 By  makanani2    

    I swore that I would never buy a pair of TOMS. Not one to jump on the bandwagon, I referred to the shoes as "those ugly canvas things". But then, a sparkly pair of shoes caught my eye in the women's shoe department at Nordstrom. A sucker for sequins, I quickly and conveniently forgot that I had been poo-pooing these shoes for years. These shiny slippers are much more comfortable, not to mention, attention getting, than their canvas counterparts. I fell in love and immediately plunked down $50+ for my very first pair of TOMS. My only complaint? The sequins on the bottom part of the heel of my right foot has worn off after only a month of wear, probably due to driving. The good news is that I know the TOMS designer, and sent a photo to him so they can work on improving the durability of sequins.

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