TNT The Closer

TNT The Closer

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Outstanding cats satisfying all around They don't make enough series like this very original always kept me guessing I liked it so much I turned several of my friends on to it would give it ten stars if I could ideal for fans of shows like criminal minds and bones

I love this tv show, I wish it was still on the air

I love this show and hate that's it's gone. Kept me on the edge of my seat all the time.

I miss this show!!! We have all 7 seasons on DVD and watch them often. Major Crimes, still on TNT, is the spin off for The Closer and it is a good show too. Good story lines that keep you guessing until the end!! And you will find yourself smiling politely at people who annoy you and saying "Thank you very much!"!!! :)

I absolutely loved this show and was very disappointed when it was cancelled. Kyra Sedgwick is one of my favorite actresses. I wish they would bring her back. Major Crimes is a spin off but not as good.

I love this show. I'm so glad they continued the characters on Major Cimes.

This show is awsome. I enjoy watching it.

GREAT show! I wish I had watched it from the beginning but I didn't discover it until later. Major Crimes is OK but I sure am missing Brenda Leigh Johnson from the LAPD!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show! I am really going to be upset when they air the last episode. Yew first!!

I am overall just not impressed with the show, story lines, and acting.

How old are these people giving reviews, 12? Worse show ever. I don't know one person that likes it. Everything about it is stupid. That last reviewer is right. The Brenda character is flawed. From her hair, not a lock out of place to her designer suits , chasing bad guys in her high heels then interviewing them with her horrible fake Southern accent. I can't believe she won an award. Thank god this show is ending. If only Saving Grace had remained on. Now that show rocked.

I love this show.I love how Brenda Lee Johnson's talk on here lol.The chocolate eating lol.Great show.I hate that they are taking the show off such a bummer.

I love The Closer! Brenda Lee Johnson's character is so quirky and smart. This show is different (in a very good way) from most other shows on television right now. Iam so sorry to hear that it will be ending soon.

I LOVE THE CLOSER! Enough said!

My favorite show to watch. The characters are more typical to those you might find in real life, with flaws, faults, and idiosyncrasies galore. Not only do you get great "who dunnit" stories, but you get to see how all these characters learn to live and work with each other. In the words of Brenda, "Thank you, thank you very much!"