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  • laice52487 By  laice52487    

    this is an awesome product, it holds the hair all day long. plus i love tigi products. this even smells good!

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  • hollyn By  hollyn    

    very good hold for hairspray. when you have 3 other using it you need one that doesnt take much to hold your hair

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  • katiehathaway By  katiehathaway    

    I am a dancer, and I am always looking for a hair spray that lasts through competitions. this is one of my favorites, excellent hold and lasts for hours.

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  • sixtrees By  sixtrees    

    This hairspray is super duper holding!! It is like iron in its holding power! I really go to this one when I want extra hold. It does get hard on your head (it does not disappear like other ones do) thus it's massive hold!! I love it and it also smells great - like a citrusy kind of smell. Excellent product.

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  • knpowers2008 By  knpowers2008    

    Love it!!! It really holds without using alot.

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  • doubletrouble1996 By  doubletrouble1996    

    I love this hairspray as I have dark brown to black hair and most sprays tend to turm ny hair gray or white or lots of flakes, this makes my hair shine and no build-up, I live in Florida and even in this heat and humidity my hair always looks great,!

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