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  • dannyjeanne By  dannyjeanne    

    Fast and Easy Cleaning

    Love this, so fast and easy. Does two jobs in one!

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  • nola807 By  nola807    

    Very Good

    my family loves this it is so lightweigth and very handy and even my kids love using it

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  • Manilovessamples By  Manilovessamples    

    Love this. Super easy and very easy to store as well. Cleaned up very well per usual. I do really appreciate swifter products

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  • trustworth By  trustworth    

    I love the sweeper vac it's lightweight and it really works

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  • SabKayLat By  SabKayLat    

    Love this product! Easy to clean with and just glides across floor

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  • eview1 By  eview1    

    Easy to use, great for a small clean up on floors

    I have had 2 of these sweeper/vacs. My old one which I had had for several years, the battery finally died. The only thing I don't like is that you can not replace the battery. I got a new one last year because it is so easy to clean up small messes, however, I don't like the handle as much and where they have the new turn on button, interviews with the handle. I end up cutting it off all the time. I do like it because of the ease of use and great for small pick ups, I have hardwood floors and it works great on them.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    wish I'd just gotten a basic mop

    The vacuum part barely works and when not using that part the piece never stays up and is always falling over making it harder to use the mop part. Save your money and just sweep or use a regular vacuum before using a basic Swiffer or or brand mop.

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  • selene By  selene    

    freesamplewithout spending shipping cost

    freesample without spending shiping cost of all things freesample

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  • Theweirdone By  Theweirdone    

    Good thing to have.

    Good product, helps me all the time. No more sweeping.

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  • Rjavelosa By  Rjavelosa    

    My lifesaver!!!Y Sweepvac!!!

    I cannot live without my sweeper vac. Sure it wont pick up the smallest stuff like my dyson but for quick clean up or midweek cleanup this does the job. I love how I don't need to bring out my buky dyson and just use this "AT THE SAME TIME" while sweeping the floor. Price is also reasonable that you dont need to worry if you beak it. Mine got dropped numerous times and it is still working!! Highly recommend this.

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  • Des5484 By  Des5484    

    Put money towards something else.

    It is good for the tiny dirt you may not see but not good to pick up anything else! It was a waste of money!

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  • JennyB01 By  JennyB01    

    A Must For A Lady Who NEVER stops!

    Absolutely Love Mine! Works wonders for a Busy Farmers Wife and Stay at Home Mommy!

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  • MimiC4 By  MimiC4    

    Not so Great

    The concept of this Swifter Vac is great but Swifter needs to put a little more thought into their product. Yes it's light weight but it has no suction. If you're trying to vac up more than a little dust then this is not for you. I was very disappointed.

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  • yorksoccermom By  yorksoccermom    

    Great for pet lovers

    I like this for quick everyday jobs. I have a cat and dog and this is great for the stray hair and occasional tracked in dirt. My only negative on this product is a fully charged vac doesn't last very long and you cannot leave it plugged in; this will only lessen the battery's lifetime. This is my second Swiffer Vac due to the first one would no longer charge at all.

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  • RachR0330 By  RachR0330    

    I love my sweeper vac. It is so much more convenient than a regular broom. I have all hardwood floors and it picks up dust and dog hair with ease. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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