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  • Rtipton91 By  Rtipton91    

    Hooks you from the get go!

    I absolutely loved this book! Definitely one of my top 10. I love how it's so easy to imagine and lose yourself in the alternate version of reality she wrote about. Fantastic book!

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  • theokitty By  theokitty    

    Great story

    Such a GREAT story; pulled me in from the very start and couldn't put it down. So beautifully written, I had to read the rest of the series.

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  • cormeretrix By  cormeretrix    

    Great book. I wish the media would focus more on the fact that it's a story about a girl who overthrows a bloody, repressive regime and less on the romance; by focusing on Katniss and who she likes, her agency in volunteering to take her sister's place and her actions in the games are minimized.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    Great Character Development

    Amazing book! Great prose and Katniss is a wonderful character. I absolutely love the book and would suggest is to read in schools. It's a combination of Brave New World, The Most Dangerous Game, and a few other books. I love Suzanne Collins and I'm hoping for another series!

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  • JRecinos92 By  JRecinos92    

    Great series and it really opens your eyes to seeing the parallels between the word that Suzanne Collins has created within the Districts to our own world. Katniss Everdeen is a character that any girl would like to be, strong when she needs to be and knowing she isn't a hero but that she has to be one, and actually has a character and isn't a bland Jane Doe like main characters in other books for this age group are. The plot grows fast and the climax hits hard in each book, they take you on an emotional journey as the characters battle for their lives and the opportunity to win The Hunger Games for themselves and their families outside the arena. Every character introduced is vivid in their own rights and their role in the story all make sense. Even the villain in the story is explained in a way where you almost understand where they are coming from, while knowing it isn't right. The only reason I won't give this series 5 stars is because the very ending of the series. It felt so rushed and out of place and honestly just sloppy. But even with that ending, I would still suggest this series over many others.

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  • Lisa23 By  Lisa23    

    I love this book it was one of the book that i couldn't put down when i was in school

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  • Faryobae By  Faryobae    

    Pretty engaging and fun except the disappointment of the 3rd book.

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  • Linda4556 By  Linda4556    

    I read Hunger Games when it first came out and I was blown away by how Collins was able to draw me into the story. It's not the type of book I'd normally pick up but I saw that a number of my writing friends were discussing the book so I decided to read it. I found I couldn't put the book down and recommended it to all my friends.

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  • MamaHerr By  MamaHerr    

    Great reads. I wasn't a huge fan of the very end, but overall they're very good, entertaining books.

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  • acoffeediva By  acoffeediva    

    Really enjoyed this book. It was a gift to me from my sister. I have a hard time focusing at times when reading. This book was so eventful I finished in two weeks. I went on to read all three of the books. Loved them all.

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  • ethel55 By  ethel55    

    This would make a great gift for any tween/teen, reluctant reader or not. It's a fast paced series, and once you get past all the killing, Collins has created an amazing world for her readers.

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  • Adair90 By  Adair90    

    I bought this for my husbands birthday. and he really enjoyed reading it

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  • Amber_Lee By  Amber_Lee    

    I used to not read anything! I wanted the movies when they came out and fell in love. Everyone told me the books were so much better and had more details, so i thought why not. Needless to say these books are the reason I started reading books!

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  • Zoraiya By  Zoraiya    

    The one book series I could not stand reading, but absolutely love the movie series for. The writing style was not something I could get in to but the story itself is absolutely compelling and eerily reminiscent of modern day society, no matter how much everyone wants to turn a blind eye towards it. I highly recommend this to anyone needing an escape from the dredges of our lives into something a little more horrific. Don't believe the hype the advertisements put on the action side of this series. The politics and the consequences and effects of those that uphold them are something to pay close attention to. They're sending children for slaughter as "tributes" to a government indicted tradition. That itself should tell you of the depravity of the Hunger Games world.

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  • Ashie0685 By  Ashie0685    

    Such great books! I read all of the hunger games series, and I loved all of them!

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