Snack Drama- Your Thoughts on Snacks

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.02.14
Snack Drama- Your Thoughts on Snacks

We all love to indulge in snacks every now and again.  According to our recent survey, so do our children!  How do people feel about snack foods and what kind of snacks are they providing their families?  We were curious to hear more about SheSpeaks members' thoughts on this topic.  We conducted a study recently and below are some of the key findings.

Does this match how you feel about snacks?  Comment below and let us know!


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  • hope500 By hope500

    totally agree

  • edjona By edjona

    I'm not shocked by the results. Two of my kids are very picky, so I'm happy when they eat anything! If I had my way they would be allowed to eat them like 3 times a week :)


    My kids eat more snacks than they do on there regular meals. Which I could get them to eat more healthy snacks than the junk food.

  • shaktimom By shaktimom

    My child is a major snacker too, but since she's pretty much a grazer when she does have a meal I've had to adjust her snacks to be healthier.

  • spacktacle01 By spacktacle01

    Healthy snacks come first and then they can eat something else.

  • shegiggles By shegiggles

    My kids have always been picky. I only allow snacks in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner.

  • floridagal By floridagal

    My son is picky and I give him packaged snacks...

  • dawniep By dawniep

    Sounds about right!

  • tja1967 By tja1967

    Guilty! But I'm doing much better now a days. I buy way more fruits and veggies and less packaged snacks. I still splurge on some things to balance it out.. Ice Cream is a staple in my house along with fresh fruits.

  • Becausemymommasaysso By Becausemymommasaysso

    oh my this is TOTALLY me!!

  • carrierasor By carrierasor

    I have ten kids ranging from 8 to 28. Eight still live at home. If you don't buy unhealthy snacks then they won't eat unhealthy snacks. I don't buy it and can't afford to buy it so they don't have it!

  • Magyyy20001 By Magyyy20001

    My kids are picky and I often feel guilty about the food that they snack on.

  • angel89 By angel89

    my kid does eat pre-packaged snacks but all the other stuff isn't true for me. I snack on fruits and veggies myself so my kid has no problem snacking on them too.

  • my__lizard By my__lizard


  • DocLorrie By DocLorrie

    I have one healthy and one unhealthy kid snacker.

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