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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Okay for a temp

    The plastic doesn't really last very long. No matter how many things you put in for any rodent to chew on, they're going to chew on the sides of this cage. Two pairs of gerbils, each pair in a separate cage, chewed up their wheels in only a few days. One pair chewed through the plastic tubing at the connections so they managed to escape (we got them back in safely!). To have a housing that lasts, it needs to be a durable material, like glass or metal.

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  • ArianWolf By  ArianWolf    

    Had this when I had my hamster and it was awesome! He loved all the places to go and I connected tunnels are other habitats. Fairly easy to clean considering all the areas. Would recommend.

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  • Flarelady By  Flarelady    

    I've had three of these throughout my life. I used them for hamsters and mice. My hamsters used to chew the heck out of the bars which were strong and withstood it. The thing I really hated about it was that side tube used to get dirty and it broke when I pulled it one time cuz it's plastic and so hard to remove. Plus it's hard to clean if you don't take it off. My mice got out of it so I wouldn't try this one for them again, I was about 14 when I had mice. I should have got something else. Also the top part my hamsters used to love sleeping in it but that top plastic bit broke twice so Id be careful about that one when opening and closing it. The extra tubes you can buy for it is awesome to give them more running room and what not just be sure to wash them every so often.

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  • solisivette9 By  solisivette9    

    This cage for the hamsters of any sort ranging from dwarfs to Syrians is unsafe and not good living conditions. It is difficult to clean and is not large enough for some dwarfs, definitely not for any larger animals. This shouldn't be bought for any creatures, unless used for limited playtime.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    My hamsters chewed RIGHT THROUGH the plastic on this thing. The little ribs in the tunnel gave them some purchase to grab onto the side of the plastic wall and they just gnawed right through in less than a night. I had a horrible time catching them again.

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  • tracypopp By  tracypopp    

    When I had hammies, we had this type of cage, and they loved it! they would always lay up in the tube, or in the hanging basket(which I bought). very easy to clean and manage. love the petting area, makes it easier to pick them or pet.

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  • uncorn19 By  uncorn19    

    My gerbil just loves this cage! We have three different cages hooked up with the CritterTrail tunnel system, but this is his favorite one to hang out in. It is also easy to clean and take apart. I love the removeable petting zone (which he uses as his nest instead) because it makes it easier to get things in and out of the cage.

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