Super 70's Pop Sensation Band ABBA Plans Unique Tour

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 19, 2017

Whether you consider yourself an unabashed super fan or a guilty pleasure listener, the 70’s disco-era Swedish pop-group ABBA’s new tour plan will probably ineterest you. Rather than see the group of “Dancing Queen” fame perform live on stage, fans will get the chance to attend concerts with the entire group performing holographically (yes, it’s the 1970’s version of the future!).

Digital avatars of each member of the group (who, by the way are all still living and presumably healthy) will grace the stage to perform some of their fan favorites. We saw them reunite for real back in 2016 for a special performance, but this one sounds like it might be even more special.

ABBA’s Benny Anderson is quoted in a recent report from Mashable explaining why he feels this project, which is set to debut in 2019, is ideal. Anderson says, "It's perfect. We can be on stage while I’m home walking the dogs," He adds, “I don't have to leave my house. If this really works there’ll be a lot of artists wanting to do the same thing, even artists who are still young and still touring. It’s a very interesting project.”

Interesting indeed, and who better to transport us back to the 70’s than ABBA. Even though holograms during musical performances have generally been used when the recording artist is deceased, seeing ABBA in prime form is something fans of all ages would love to see. Anderson says, “It’ll be like you're in 1977, with a live band, live backing vocals, a great set design with lights and sound, everything will be like a live concert.”

What do you think of the upcoming ABBA tour that will feature holographic images rather than real in-the-flesh musicians?

Do you think this type of performance will one day become popular?

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