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  • Beautiful56 By  Beautiful56    

    I did not like these at all. They were very dry and had no taste. Would not buy them again and would not recommend them.

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  • lizzylike By  lizzylike    

    As a healthy alternative to raisins, these do the trick. They are slightly less sweet, and tasty, than raisins, but that' is because they contain less sugar, thus making them a healthy alternative.. Good on anything you'd imagine raisins to be good in: salad, yogurt, cereal, trail mix, peanut butter (what isn't), and more. While my taste buds may prefer sugary, dried grapes, I can stand the slight taste difference for the higher fiber and less sugar content that comes with these dried plum bits. 'B+'

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  • Scalar22 By  Scalar22    

    I suffer from irregularity and these little delicious plums are my besties when my digestive system needs help, I've tried other brands, but this one is my favorite plum brand.

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  • krdews By  krdews    

    I love plums/dried prunes any way I can get them - saw these and just had to try. I was actually anticipating them to be the same version of me dicing whole prunes (messy); but was pleasantly surprised they are very snackable. Now I can say goodbye to "sweetened" dried fruit that I am not a big fan of and can now use plumAmazins for snacks, baking, salads, cereal and anything else I can think of. Love it when a brand comes out with something new and amazing (no pun intended) instead of a me too!

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  • joybird By  joybird    

    This are truly amazing!!! I'm addicted to them. I go through about 2 containers a week!

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  • Collett By  Collett    

    My husband liked these as a snack......he eats a lot of dry healthy fruit. I didn't really care for this.

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  • Jeannefromnc By  Jeannefromnc    

    what a great way to be able to have a healthy snack while on a drive!

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  • CassandraDaye By  CassandraDaye    

    I had a sample package from Cravebox and was surprised by these little snacks! It's not something I eat a ton of but it's good to snack on before working out or have when on the road since they have lots of fiber and not as much sugar as comparable treats. I want to try making some cookies or power bars with them!

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  • loisseau By  loisseau    

    I'm a long time prune lover. Use them in cooking, baking, and cut up, in cold cereal. It's this use that Amazins seem to be less tasty than cut up prunes. I suspect they have to be drier in order to package--as a snack they're chewy and tasty, with skin harder than usual. In cold cereal and milk, they're less appepitizing. I've taking to wetting them under water, draining and then microwaqving for 10 secs. on high. Now they really shine in cold cereal.

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  • beetlebub By  beetlebub    

    These were a pleasant surprise. Prunes are something I associate with my elders and I've never knowingly bought dried prunes before and frankly, never even considered them. Figured I'd pack them in my day pack for a quick snack on my commute as I could just trash them. Well, not only did I not trash them, but I ate the entire pack. Then, the next day, I did it again. Just the right portion, just the right level of sweetness. I felt full, but not too. They were sweet, but not too. They did not seem to be disruptive to my constitution. These singlehandedly helped my move past my prune stereotypes. I'd absolutely buy these again for myself and even try to sneak them into my boys' school lunches from time to time. Recommended.

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  • your1chef By  your1chef    

    I liked that these were diced, I added them easily into cookies and muffins. No mess with trying to cut whole ones! I have added them into oatmeal, which were great.

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  • dhidey By  dhidey    

    This is a totally unfair review because I do not like the smell or texture of dried fruit. I gave the package to my sister and she enjoyed the product. She thought they were not too sweet and by the package ingredients--they are actually healthy and good for you! So while I say NO! She says YaY!

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  • SwtGrl1231 By  SwtGrl1231    

    Loved these! Used them when making my energy balls. They added some great flavor. Loved them.

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  • carlsbadmom By  carlsbadmom    

    Awesomeness!!! All the great flavor of a dried plum, but in a bite size portion! No messy fingers and they are delicious. A must buy!

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  • daveandnicole05 By  daveandnicole05    

    Never was a big fan of these, but this was delicious!!! Loved them in cereal, and as a snack right out of the carton! Good and good for you!

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