Sun With Oxygen Apple Orchard Dishwashing Liquid

Sun With Oxygen Apple Orchard Dishwashing Liquid

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This dishwashing liquid smells really good, but you get what you pay for. The suds do not last long at all. I find myself having to use more of this than what I have with other dishwashing liquids. It also doesn't work that well with greasy pans unless you use a large amount and let it sit for a little while. It's fine to use on everything else.

You have tobuse a lot to get the sudsy feeling and it is pretty cheap but I like it and the scent.

I have been using Sun dish soaps for years. The price is nice & they work just as good as the name brand dish soaps, plus this one has a very lovely smell.

It has a nice smell to it, but when it comes to cleaning power it just isn't there. The suds just don't last long enough so you have to use more. In my opinion that isn't a bargain.

Sun tends to come off as a watered down version of the good stuff.

This stuff smells GREAT. And it's cheap. But you have to use a TON of it to get bubbles. My mother-in-law was buying this for a long time until we realized that we probably used more of this than we would of the top-brand stuff, and you can get coupons for the top-brand stuff!

Very watery in consistency. Its cheap in price and quality but it gets the job done.

Apple Orchard is my favorite scent of this product. Cleans just as well as Dawn.

I was a little disappointed that the fragrance lingered on the dishes. It was unpleasant to drink a glass of water that tasted sudsy! It did have great cleaning power.

Smells good but it doesn't bubble up that good

Great price, but quality is not very good at all. It smells really nice and cleans, but bubbles and soap do not last long at all compared to other dish washing soaps.

I had been buying Sun with Oxygen Apple Orchard Dishwashing Liquid for years. Today, that changed. The last bottle I bought I began to notice that it wasn't sudsing as usual. I had to add more liquid to finish the dishes. I had never had to do this before. I was buying this product because it was just as good as the name brand liquid. Truly a transformation has taken place with this product and it's not a good one.

This is a decent dishwashing liquid with a pleasant green apple scent. It performs well enough and gets dishes clean. The downside is that the product seems watered down compared to leading dishwashing liquids and, although it is value-priced, you have to use twice as much of it to get the job done.