Sun Crystals All-Natural Sweetener

Sun Crystals All-Natural Sweetener

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nice to have real sugar in small packets for events. a little pricy though.

It is a fine sweetener, but it is not as good as Truvia or erythritol.

I use this sweetner in my tea everyday. The taste is excellent and does not have an artificial taste. It is a little different but once you adjust it is my preferred sweetner. I also add it as a sweetner to foods that I cook. I like that it comes in the packages and I can easily take it to work or if I eat out. I feel it is much healthier than sugar or splenda and especially equal.

I'm used to using a variety of alternative sweeteners. I've always liked the idea of Stevia, which I used to buy in bulk from Whole Foods, but found it tasted slightly "off" to me. When I saw this product, I requested a sample. I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. It has the sweet taste of sugar without the slight "off" taste I've come to associate with pure Stevia extract. I will definitely be buying this product instead of "Splenda for baking"!

I use this in my tea every morning and it tastes so good! The price isn't that bad because it lasts you for a while!

For "fake" sugar, I am impressed with this product. I really hate the funky aftertaste that most artificial sweeteners leave in my coffee, but Sun Crystals taste like real sugar.

So far I love this product. I'm not diabetic, but my mom is. She used to use Splenda and I hated it. It was so powdery and awful to put on cereal. Sun Crystals is a natural sweetener made from real sugar and the stevia plant. The product looks like sugar crystals and tastes like it too. I have not baked with it but I have used it on my cereal and in my coffee and it is great for both those uses. It only has 5 calories per packet.