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  • wel21l By  wel21l    

    Water works the best if you need use an on sented wipe this and others like them are not good for yourself you should neveruse thing on the area

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  • Seanna By  Seanna    

    This is the ONLY feminine care wash I use! It?s awesome and smells great! I get that all over clean feeling after I?ve used it!

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  • Ash22nicole By  Ash22nicole    

    Keeping Her Clean

    This is one of my favorite personal care washes to use when it comes to good hygiene! With their being different scents you can find one that you like the smell with but also works with your body chemicals!

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  • evita13 By  evita13    

    Great on Sensitive Skin!

    Great porduct for sensitive skin. I use this product daily and would recommend to anyone that is scared of trying because of their sensitive skin.

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    Worth every penny

    I use the Salat I just wish it came to different smells than the kind it comes with and on top of that it's not very fuzzy or it doesn't make a lot of bubbles so it is easier to clean and it works really good after your menstruation cycle.. the best way I can describe this is I recommend getting this like two times a day it's worth the buy

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  • Bibischli By  Bibischli    

    Gentle and fresh

    Love summers eve products. Other soaps burn, this leaves me feeling fresh and is gentle on my feminine parts.

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  • rjennings67 By  rjennings67    

    Summer's Eve Feminine Wash For Sensitive Skin

    Summer's Eve Feminine Wash For Sensitive Skin is great for a mild wash and rinses well and leaves no irratation

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  • savymommmy29 By  savymommmy29    

    I love using this product. I love that they have a extensive line for us ladies o choose from. Love that is gentle enough but gets the job done. Do recommend to try.

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  • Adefull4255 By  Adefull4255    

    Wasn?t really a fan of this product. I feel like it threw off my ph balance.

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  • esadasey By  esadasey    

    It?s ok. It?s not good or great. I like the smell. It does not seem to itch. It?s gentle no redness.

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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    

    Smells great!!! Mild on skin.. Restores ph levels❤❤

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  • Caslovesdean By  Caslovesdean    

    Use it everytime i shower!! Great smell and it leaves me feeling clean and fresh. Would highly recommend.

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  • Neshia81 By  Neshia81    

    Great product you won't be disappointed!!!

    I have tried may other washes which claim to be so sensitive and won't cause irritation but genuinely have. I have been using this wash in place of soap in my sensitive area for four years now, and I have not had one problem since. It smells great and does not bother me at all. I am thrilled with and want to stock up my closet full of them, so I never run out.

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  • hhelmreich By  hhelmreich    

    This is such a great wash! I have very sensitive skin and this wash never irritates my skin. I recommend this to every woman!

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  • BMarter By  BMarter    

    Used the unscented as a teen and absolutely loved it!!!

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