Summer Infant SwaddleMe

Summer Infant SwaddleMe

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Swaddle mes Absolutely love everything about this product. I have used these for my last 3 littles, and still using it for my almost 10month old at bedtime when she's sick, which she will only go to bed swaddled. With these you don't have to keep rewrapping a blanket

Love Best baby gift i got, my son would not sleep unless wraped up. Theyre cute add extra comfert to babies they are spendy though

Great swaddle for summer This was the perfect weight for summer. My son loved being swaddled until he was about four months old. He started to turn onto his side to sleep and I was worried he would roll over onto his tummy. The swaddle was light weight, easy to put on and take off, and my son couldn't escape it until he was a little older. It was great once we started leaving his arms out too.

Love love love Love love love swaddle me. For the first few weeks, we swaddled our daughter in blankets from the hospital but she was an escape artist. Our friend gifted us a couple SwaddleMe's and it was like our world was changed. Our daughter slept in a swaddle me until around 3 months and then would sometimes need it without her arms tucked. Swaddle Me's were a lifesaver!

My daughter liked to be swaddled and this was a quick fix especially in the middle of the night that she couldn't break out of right away!

I always loved these. The ease and comfort of these made them the best. The peace of mind knowing I didn't have to use a blanket to swaddled myself.

I love the colors of this product. It looked really nice but my baby did not like this. She is not good with being swaddled and this product did not help her for sleeping. She usually cries a lot and wanted to be out of this.

Love the design and the feeling of these, but are kind of expensive. It makes it easier to swaddle baby.

I had these and another zipper type brand on my registry. Baby didnt like these as much. Never made diaper changes much easier for us. I could change him never waking up with backwards zipper type.

I used this product with all my children and they all found it very comforting. They were able to stay warm and it would sooth them. It is a nice product to use when trying to get you child to understand it was time to sleep. Our hospital also recommended them and used them on our children.

I really liked the idea of this but my daughter did not like it at all. It's a very good product and I would recommend it.

Love the idea of a summer swaddle but the Velcro does not hold.

I bought this for my granddaughter after her birth it was awesome product that gave her the extra warmth and even though her little hands always seem to sneak out from time to time it was an awesome product that is a save it for future family members that may show up

There would have been alot of sleepless nights with my grandaughter if it weren't for this. I just wish they were available when my kids were babies, had to wrap them the old fashioned way.

I loved these! All of my boys used them. They are so easy to use and you do not have to worry about a blanket covering their face. A definite must have for any new mom.