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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 01, 2015

Spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside enjoying summer with these simple (but genius) summer food hacks from SheSpeaksTV!

From preventing dripping ice cream cones to perfect corn on the cob cooked in minutes, these tips will make your summer food game smart and fast so you can spend more time outside in the sun.



Win a Cuisinart 13-Piece BBQ Tool Set and start cooking up your own summer food!

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vanel46 by vanel46 | CINCINNATI, OH
Apr 16, 2018

I will be trying all these tips!

kathutch1 by kathutch1 | Plano, TX
Jul 17, 2015

Loved the video, and heard of the marshmello in the cone it really does work , doing prep early & keeping things simple when cooking out is my tip happy grilling !

judybird2 by judybird2 | TUCSON, AZ
Jul 09, 2015

Awesome barbeque tool set, hope I win it! We do lots of grilling most of the year here is the Arizona desert! Love the hacks.

Starwish by Starwish | Big Sandy, TX
Jul 09, 2015

Thank you for sharing the tips with us. Great info.

SuperSavinMomma by SuperSavinMomma | REDDING, CA
Jul 09, 2015

Loved the ice cream tip the best!

alluringbrat by alluringbrat | BRISTOL, CT
Jul 09, 2015

love all of these tips, thanks so much

herbalkate by herbalkate | LOUISVILLE, KY
Jul 08, 2015

To cut cooking time during the week, I chop veggies and put them in the fridge so I can just grab them when I need them. It's a great way to add healthy ingredients to every meal and to sneak them in if you have picky eaters. I boil pasta or rice and refrigerate it the night before I plan to use it so I don't have to cook during the hot daytime hours. I saute several pounds of ground sirloin with onion and garlic and freeze them in entree-size reusable containers such as Gladware. Then instead of standing at the stove during the heat of the afternoon, I can thaw it out in the microwave in the same container I froze it in and add it to pasta, tomato sauce or whatever to make a meal and cut my cooking time in half.

FavoredOne77 by FavoredOne77 | Biloxi, MS
Jul 08, 2015

I just love myself some ice cream. I will be making use of the ice cream cone advice.

geneyounggene by geneyounggene | SIOUX FALLS, SD
Jul 08, 2015

Holy moly! Talk about great information and wonderful tips...thank you so much! Hope this succeeds in getting me entered into this greatness! I guess I shall see!

sthurberyoung by sthurberyoung | SIOUX FALLS, SD
Jul 08, 2015

Awesome help and great tips...thank you so much for all you do, offer, share and provide. You rock!

Pinkpurplehaze by Pinkpurplehaze | Burlington, WI
Jul 08, 2015

I zest lemons before squeezing for lemonade, then freeze the zest to use later in recipes.

jayhyman by jayhyman | PEMBROKE PNES, FL
Jul 06, 2015

The boiled egg tip is great. I love make my own ice cream with frozen bananas and cream

peter26 by peter26 | Passaic, NJ
Jul 06, 2015

I like to stuff a chocolate chip (point down) in my sugar cones.

ironram1 by ironram1 | Taylors, SC
Jul 05, 2015

I like having my family and friends help in the kitchen.

BonnieS by BonnieS | GRAND BLANC, MI
Jul 05, 2015

Loved the ice cream tip!