Summer Brings Fun Frozen Treats

SS Member Image By KellyLoubet 06.30.11
Summer Brings Fun Frozen Treats

My girls love bananas. They love them even more when they’re frozen! And in honor of Summer… I’m going to share with you how we make our favorite frozen treat! There’s a million ways to dress up a frozen banana…but today… we’re making yogurt covered bananas.

I like to use vanilla yogurt for this snack. You can use whatever flavor you’d like though. You could even use chocolate rather than yogurt if you're making a special dessert!

Cut your banana into thirds. Poke wooden popsicle sticks into the pieces. Dip your banana into the yogurt (or chocolate) accumulating a thin coat. Roll your banana into your favorite topping. I find that this goes well with Rice Krispies. Granola is also a yummy alternative! For a s'more flavor... use graham cracker crumbs. Freeze your banana creations for an hour or so. Then… enjoy!

"There's a million ways to dress up a frozen banana -but today we're making yogurt covered bananas."


Wooden popscicle sticks
Cereal or granola

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