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  • zekthezookeeper1967 By  zekthezookeeper1967    

    It is a great moisturizer that is very affordable. I was told to use this after a surgery on my leg to stop the itching as it healed. It works, it keeps my skin from being itchy and also has a good smell.

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  • samarakoch By  samarakoch    

    I like this moisturizer. It?s not the greatest lotion ever but it has a nice texture and smell, I personally like the coconut one the best.

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  • Stephanie3111 By  Stephanie3111    

    Its awesome

    I had got this free for testing purposes, and usually my Skin's itchy, and I tried it for the first time last night, and my skin hasn't itched a bit. I think I found my miracle, I love it.

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