Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner

Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner

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Quite Possibly The Best I've Ever Had Sitting here with my notebook resting comfortably in my lap,I find myself running my fingers through my hair. My incredibly SOFT hair. As it seems, I have a found a new favorite shampoo & conditioner. "What is it?", you ask ? Well,I'll tell you. It's Suave Professionals "Sleek", and it is "Quite Possibly The Best I've Ever Had". See,I have EXTREMELY dry and damaged hair. I have tortured my hair countless years with relaxers,hot combs,and curling irons,and I really never paid attention to the damage I was doing. Until the splitting of the ends,the breakage of the hair needed rehabilitation,and it needed it NOW! What did I do? I watched the commercials.I read the magazines.Looked at the pretty pictures of the beautiful ladies with shiny,flowing,healthy hair. And bought Pantene . This was about 2 years ago when I started using this brand.Didn't really work with my hair,but I refused to try another more expensive brand. Then came the Dove commercials.Lol. I get so swept up in the commercials that I convince myself that I have to have THAT BRAND.But Dove was different,right? I knew Dove.The brand has good skin soap.I tried it. Didn't like it. I felt defeated.And I was really beginning to start disliking my my hair did ever anything to me.In fact... I was the one who hurt it. When I began hearing the buzz about the Suave products, I was REALLY skeptic. "How in the world can a cheapo brand help repair and fix my hair ?", I wondered. Then I thought , "Why not try it? It's gotta be cheap at Walmart" . So, I went to Walmart and searched for Suave. There they were. A HUGE variety of "types" to choose from. My eyes immediately set to the BIG BOTTLE of Shea Butter and Almond. I don't know just did. SHEESH ! Then,I saw it. "Sleek... for dry and frizzy hair". Hmmmm ... maybe.I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner,went to checkout,paid for the products,and then headed home. Once I returned home,I went straight to the shower to wash and condition my hair. During the washing/conditioning process.I felt a difference. My hair didn't feel stripped or coarse.It felt smooth and soft. But,hey... some shampoos do that right? It's AFTER the drying of the hair that counts.After my first wash and conditioning and DRYING of my hair, guess what? STILL SMOOTH and STILL SOFT ! I have been using Suave Professionals for about 2 months now,and I still am amazed at how soft and nice my hair continues to be.My hair has actually began to BE healthier and not just LOOK healthy.I'm happy that my hair is happy. Suave iSleek is a great product for anyone with damaged,dry,and frizzy hair,just like the bottle says.And doesn't break the bank to buy it! Can you say SCORE?! I know I sure do ! Go get a bottle and try it for yourself !

My son introduced me to Suave shampoo, and it is not only great, it is very inexpensive! A great bargain!

This line of salon professionals. I usually mix it up some, but always make it back to using Sleek. My curls love this shampoo and conditioner which makes it easier to maintain. Plus the price CANNOT be beat!!!

I love this shampoo and conditioner. It is a great price. I have really long and thick hair and with other products I have to use a whole hanful of condition to get enough for my hair to be conditoned. With Sauve, I only have to use a little bit. So not only is it a great price, but it lasts a long time too. Also, they always have coupons out there which makes it even better.

I just Love Suave products, I have tried other higher priced products but I always go back to Suave.

I really like Suave products. My whole family uses them and this shampoo is really good for controlling frizz especially for the price.

I don't like Suave products at all. My hair never seems to get as clean and I think it's always too dry after using it. I think it smells pretty good, but as far as being a good shampoo, I do not recommend this

Love this shampoo! It smells wonderful and works great!

For the money this is an excellent product. My hair is smooth and shiny after I use it. I actually have some hidden in my room from the rest of my family. I only wish Suave would make a sulfate free shampoo that was affordable and good.

This product is fantastic! It smells divine and really keeps your hair healthy and smooth! It's worth the money, and also looks adorable in the shower in its little orange bottle!!

my favorite shampoo and conditiner to use not expensive . its leaves my hair clean and smooth .

This is really good stuff! Leaves hair more manageable and it smells good too!! I hadn't tried it until my daughter came home from college and told me how much she loves it. Of course, I had to try it...and I too, love it!

I have tried every shampoo and conditioner available and usually stuck with the pricey salon brands. . . . . until I found suave professionals. I love the suave professionals for dry damaged hair. I will continue to buy because it works great on my dry, fine, colored, straight hair and works fantastic on my daughters long, curly, fine hair, and its cheap!

I have the colour protection shampoo out of the proffessional collection and its keeps my hair moist and shiny and really holds in my colour..the price is an absolut plus.

I do not like this product because I know how much damage it does to your hair.If you color your hair this shampoo strips the color out of it.