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  • Kkennedy102117 By  Kkennedy102117    

    Not my favorite..

    I have extremely naturally oily hair and have used several different kinds of dry shampoo. This one is not the worst but far from the best. Hair looks white and powdery after tou ise it no matter how much you brush it out and my hair was oily looking again within a couple hours after using.

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  • jenniferenee12 By  jenniferenee12    

    Wow! What a tremendous dry shampoo, and at an efficient cost! Full coverage and adds volume

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  • tiah3813 By  tiah3813    

    Suave Dry shampoo!

    This is my current favorite hair product. It makes my hair feel fuller and easier to manage. Especially having 5 kids and on the go alot. This product smells great and makes my hair feel wonderful!!

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  • doublebeezy By  doublebeezy    

    Smells Like a Funeral Home

    I'm a big fan of Suave in general, but these aren't their best products. They leave a significant white cast on your hair, and I can't ever seem to get the powder to completely disappear. The smell is also a little offensive - almost like a funeral home floral scent.

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  • tsmith4 By  tsmith4    

    It really is affordable and does freshen up hair that hasn't been washed. The longest I go without washing my hair is only one day but I do like this to spray on my roots on those rare occasions. I have blond hair and it doesn't give it that grayish tint that some dry shampoos can. I would give this another star but the scent of it is really strong. Don't get me wrong...I love the smell of it but it is a little embarrassing when people say I smell good..."what are you wearing" and I have to tell them it's my dry shampoo.

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  • Tkasburg By  Tkasburg    


    This a great product I love the smell!! Leaves your hair feeling refreshed and shiny! I love to use inbetween my days that I don't wash my hair! Great to use on a hot sweaty day! I would definitely recommend this!

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  • ljflan1212 By  ljflan1212    

    I'll Search For Something Better

    I will use this only as a last resort. It helps my hair look a little less greasy, but it doesn't make it look any less dirty. It makes my hair feel terrible when I try to run my fingers through it, and acts almost like a light hairspray. I hate that feeling. Also, it doesn't smell very good, sort of like a floral deodorant.

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  • eeprice By  eeprice    

    I was not a believer in Dry Shampoos until I bought Suave. This product helps me extend the time between shampoos when I am too tired to wash my hair at night or too rushed in the morning. You may need to experiment to see how much to use, but trial and error gets it right over the course of a few tries. Buy this for when you need a hair lift!

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  • sakimbo By  sakimbo    

    Love this for a quick freshen up between washes. Smells amazing. I have dark brown hair so you definitely need to rub in the product once it's sprayed on, but this is helpful with the oil absorption.

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  • esashr By  esashr    

    It is a great product at a cheaper price. Definitely consider this if you are looking for a dry shampoo.

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  • kristrange By  kristrange    

    I love this dry shampoo! I started washing my hair every other day so on the opposite day I use this dry shampoo. I have tried more expensive brands, but this one is still my favorite. Yes, it makes your hair turn white, but I spray it on, let it absorb some, then fully brush it through. It gives my hair a fresh scent, texture and eliminates grease.

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  • khd023 By  khd023    

    This dry shampoo isn't really the best. First of all, I can't even stand the smell. It smells AWFUL. Also, it doesn't really seem to do anything, except make my hair feel dirtier because it just makes it feel sticky. Terrible product.

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  • mandaleighu By  mandaleighu    

    Of all of the dry shampoos I had used, this one is by far the worst. It doesn't absorb the grease, it made my hair feel like it had a heavy layer of extra grease.

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  • teefany1 By  teefany1    

    Horrible if you have dark brown hair!! Makes my hair look white and it doesn't go away after I brush it!

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  • cheryllo By  cheryllo    

    I don't like this at all. It makes my hair feel like it has baby powder in it and smells really bad.

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