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  • lsgoods22 By  lsgoods22    

    Works great. Has great smell. Its awesome but not as awesome as their object of copy but will do in a pinch due to price.

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  • Staskosgirl By  Staskosgirl    

    Drugstore Gem

    I have very thick wave hair with a scalp that offends flakes in one spot. This product is great and has rosemary which is great for circulation. Ive stopped buying $$$ brands and have been happy with this for months. Plus it?s sold everywhere and so cheap!

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  • doublebeezy By  doublebeezy    

    Thanks, Mother-In-Law! It's a Hit!

    My future mother-in-law keeps these in her guest bathroom. Hair snob that I am, I can honestly say I've stopped packing shampoo and conditioner when we visit them. This smells amazing and feels like it should cost much more than it actually does. It leaves my hair soft and smelling great. I'm a fan.

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  • jamieannette0 By  jamieannette0    

    Oh my gosh! This not only smells fantastic but keeps my hair healthy and soft! I got the conditioner and shampoo and my boyfriend uses it also because he loves it as well!

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  • colleenc898 By  colleenc898    

    Love it

    Love this line of products! Great price, great variety and something for everyone in my household!

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  • Brittanysparkles00 By  Brittanysparkles00    

    This shampoo and conditioner set is great. I love the smell. You can also feel the coolness of the mint has you wash it out. This is also a great product for the lower price.

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Good shampoo & conditioner

    Good cheaper shampoo & conditioner. Smells good last all day. Keeps hair soft and manageable. Doesn't dry my hair out.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Again cheap product but great product Just the smell is wonderful but then you get silky smoothness and non greasy hair. Love it

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This stuff smells great and cleans well. It is your slightly-above average shampoo & conditioner. You shouldn't be expecting miracle work with this, but it does a fantastic job of being an every other day treatment, depending on your needs of course. I like to use this when I just need to wash my hair, but don't need to give it a huge boost of care. I usually put this in on days I plan on braiding my hair right after washing since the braid prevents the frizz AND keeps the nice smell in all day long.

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  • Locdprincess By  Locdprincess    

    I love this product! It works miracles for my locs especially when it comes to getting rid of all the build up. The smell of the shampoo and conditioner lets me know my hair will be clean and it certainly DOES clean my hair and scalp gently! The PRICES IS EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE! You can't go wrong with trying this set! TRUST ME!!!

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  • Magash05 By  Magash05    

    So close to Aveda's shampoo and conditioner at a fraction of the price. Least my hair feeling clean and smelling great however it does not last as long as Aveda's shampoo scent wise.

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  • Styleneverfades85 By  Styleneverfades85    

    I absolutely love the way this product smells! I have thick and frizzy hair so this isn't my favorite shampoo but for the price I would say its worth a try.

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  • bndixon111 By  bndixon111    

    I love this shampoo/conditioner

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  • daniellecjenkins By  daniellecjenkins    

    I've only used this a couple times, but it seems to clean really well. Nothing outstanding, but it does its job. :) I am not personally too fond of the scent, but I'm really picky on that stuff. It smells like it is supposed to.

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  • MrsGeisendorfer By  MrsGeisendorfer    

    One of the best Suave products I have used. The smell was great, the cleaning power even better! Got my roots clean without drying out my ends. It feels like a great value for the price and much gentler on my hair than the original Suave shampoos.

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