Suave Naturals Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion

Suave Naturals Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion

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I love this lotion I can use it all year long and still feel great. The scent is not to heavy and makes my skin feel so soft, smooth and hydrated

All times of the year I have dry hands. But often my hands are so dry that they crack and bleed and applying a lotion burns and hurts. I have tried numerous lotions, creams, balms, ointments, etc. and never found anything to really give me any relief. Then when the temperatures began to drop, one night I wasn't feeling well andmI was applying some Suave Naturals Body Lotion (Mango Mandarin) to my legs and I decided it was easier to just use it on my hands instead of going and getting a separate hand lotion. Well, the next morning I woke up to new hands. Seriously, my rough, dry, cracked hands were soft, smooth and felt brand new! My first thought was it was a fluke and my hands would go back to terrible in a day or two. It just didn't make sense that there could be such a dramatic change over night. And, no offense to Suave, but how could this inexpensive brand of body lotion, help my skin when much more expensive lotions and ones made specifically made for hands, couldn't? I'm not going to mention all the brands. So I continued to use it faithfully every night and now approximately a month later I have soft hands and have had no cracking or bleeding at all! I felt so bad that I dismissed Suave's lotion that I emailed Suave to apologize and tell them my results. Plus the Mango Mandarin smells so amazing! The first day that I woke up with soft hands, my husband held my hand at one point and remarked that my hands were really soft. Unsolicited compliment from husband about what used to be rough and flakey? What better endorsement can there be? Using cleaning products or washing dishes would always make matters worse. Now I don't have to worry because this lotion keeps my hands in fantastic condition. If you suffer from dry hands or dry skin anywhere, please try this lotion and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Got this free with a coupon and just LOVED IT. I love Sweet Pea scented lotions and this lotion left my skin soft and not greasy at all.

Nice smelling lotion. It is not thick but it does goes on very easily. Moisturizes the body.

Non-greasy and light, scent is pleasing though i would prefer a tad lighter. Left my skin and my daughter's skin soft and hydrated.

Smells great doesn't leave a greasy feeling, and when i use it right after i take a shower my skin feels so smooth!

i love this smell...i have tried all suave lotions...

I love the smell of the Sweet Pea and Violet Body Lotion. The price just can't be beat and the moisturizing is pretty good. My hands are really dry and I prefer a thick hand cream over regular lotion. For my legs, after shaving, this is perfect and the scent is light and soft and gently lingers.

Great bargain! Reminds me of a sweet pea lotion from BBW. It smells lovely, floraly and light. Very hydrating and smooth. It absorbs well and retains moisture. Excellent price, especially compared to "name brand" products.

Smell really good and it feels nice

I love this lotion the scent is perfect not heavy or light. It is just perfect for everyday use. The body lotion makes my skin soft and smooth and absorbs quickly.