Stressed Out? You Can Train Your Brain To Relax

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 29, 2012

Ever find yourself lying awake at night stressing over everything from your job to the weeds in your garden? Unfortunately, women are the biggest worriers, so much so that we are two times more likely to be diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder than men. But new studies are finding that we can actually train our brains to not sweat the small (or big) stuff so much and finally relax a little which prove better for our health and wellbeing.

CNN recently reported about new research that suggests cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindful techniques can actually change the way we think and stress over aspects of our lives. And that’s good news since too much stress in our lives is known to contribute to weight gain, depression and even cancer.

There are any CBT techniques that are easily adopted and added into your every day routine and there are also therapists available that specialize in CBT. One easy exercise would be to write down exactly what is stressing you out then try to put it out of your head for the next 3 to 5 hours. Once you look at the note again, you will probably be less worried about it and be more apt to do something rational about the problem.

Robert Leahy, director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy, explains how this exercise can help when you are overly anxious about something. Leahy says, “"Much of feeling anxious is that sense of urgency: 'I've got to know -- is this mole cancer? But research shows that 85% of things people worry about actually end up having a positive or neutral outcome.”

What do you think of recent research that shows you can train yourself through CBT to stress less?

Do you have any exercises or mindful techniques that you use to ease anxieties?


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Oct 05, 2012

I do deep breathing techniques and visualization. I also like to listen to classical music on my way home from work to help wind down. I also LOVE Enya's music!

Credenza by Credenza | La Plata, MD
Oct 01, 2012

I love puzzles. There is always a 1000 piece puzzle set up in the corner of my apartment. 10min with brainless music and I'm good. But I do find that I have to CHOOSE not to think about my issues.

corabishop by corabishop | AUBURN, WA
Sep 30, 2012

Mindful breathing and long walks help me when I am feeling anxious. Thank you for sharing

DKubaitis by DKubaitis | WILLOW SPGS, IL
Sep 30, 2012

I keep a journal it helps to write down things when I have issues or negative thoughts. I meditate at least a few times a week. More when under major stress.

sandysandmeyer by sandysandmeyer | unsubscribe, FL
Sep 29, 2012

I like to sit at on the quiet beach and listen to ambient music, but since I don't live near quiet beaches anymore, I prefer to pray and ask God for comfort and to relieve my anxieties.