Stressed Couples Trying To Conceive Might Want to Try a "Conception Moon"

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 11, 2015

Many couples who struggle with fertility issues often find that de-stessing can greatly increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. But if your stresses follow you home from work each day it may be hard to lighten your load. This may be the very reason more couples are taking something called a “conception-moon” as a way to get away, relax and make a baby.

Today reports about a new BabyCenter Poll that finds that out of some 2,800 women surveyed about 13 percent were planning to take a special vacation just to try and conceive. It may sound like just a good excuse to take a vacation, but surprisingly 50% of those taking “conception-moons” say that they were able to get pregnant during their trip.

Of course the two most important things when planning this type of trip is to have it during the time of ovulation and leave all your worries behind. OBGYN and Baby Center expert Dr. Shari Brasner explains how stress can most definitely play into a couple’s ability to conceive. She says, “Ten percent of couples will have difficulty getting pregnant, and while scientists still haven’t pinpointed exactly how stress affects fertility, it is a known conception crusher. It’s not uncommon to see acupuncture, massages, and reflexology recommended as part of an infertility treatment regimen. Women can also relax — and potentially improve their chances of conceiving — by getting away from the pressures and routine of daily life and going on a 'conceptionmoon'.”

What do you think of the new trend of couples going on vacation to de-stress and make a baby?

Do you think it can work or is it just a good excuse for a vacation?

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Justmissash by Justmissash | CLATSKANIE, OR
Feb 12, 2015

This is interesting. And I do believe that sometimes people who want a child badly and can't, get stressed out. This is a way they can de-stress and have a happy attempt at conception. Whether it works, idk. Good luck to all.