Strawberry Fluff


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Strawberry Fluff

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Description: Strawberry Fluff is a delicious cool dessert to serve to family & friends (and my all time favorite)!

1  Angel Food Cake (add 1/2 to whole cake)
2  small packages of strawberry jello
2  cups boiling water
2  small packages of frozen strawberries
1  container of cool whip

Instructions: Tear cake into bite size pieces and put into an oblong cake pan.

Prepare jello with boiling water then add strawberries.

Refrigerate until it begins to jell, then whip in cool whip.

Pour over cake pieces then refrigerate until firm.

You may frost with cool whip.

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  • Author image By Lynel2017
    Dec 25, 2017   Edit

    very good and easy, it's a crowd pleaser

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