Strap Perfect Bra Concealer

Strap Perfect Bra Concealer

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Mine worked great- I'm a 32D and have small shoulders so this was perfect for me! As long as you have someone to help you move it higher or can reach your back they're great! (can also use safety pins for the same purpose)

Mine cracked and were so brittle just trying to figure out how to use them. Maybe sat on the store shelf a little too long!

Literally impossible to do yourself. You definitely need someone to help get them in the right spot.

I also unfortunately had to have help in adjusting the straps. This ones a toughie. I love the idea, but not very efficient. Maybe it will just take some getting used to.

Do not buy these if you have large breasts! They won't work for you.

They work great once they are on, but you cannot do it by yourself! So, if my hubby is not home, my bra straps show:) Also, you need to loosen your bra straps pretty far, but once you get past these steps, they work great!

I gave these 3 stars because although they do work, they are very difficult to get on and off and a bit uncomfortable. I have a real problem with my bra straps sliding down with certain bras and these are the perfect fix for that. They also work great in place of a racerback bra, your straps do not show and there are 3 colors to choose from. So if your looking for something that works, these do, just a tad bit uncomfortable.

great idea, but very hard to use. if you have someone around to help you attach it, no problem, but trying to do this by myself, I had a lot of trouble getting the second side in place. once I did, it worked. another reviewer mentioned that the knock offs work as well, and I agree.

No other word. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!

I wish I had thought of inventing this. They work great and do away with needing a strapless bra on most occassions and they are very easy to put on yourself.

I wear a size 32B so this works perfectly for me. When i wear racerback shirts i can use this to hide my bra straps! it also gives them a little extra umphh! :)

Good idea but hard to get hooked on the straps for me. Had shoulder surgery and can not twist and move to get the thing hooked.

I like this product. You do have to loosen your straps and I usually have to have my husband help me put the second side in and slide it down to a comfortable level. But for me that is less of a sacrafice than wearing a strapless bra.

I found that these work, but you do gotta loosen the bra or it gives you back fat ripples and I had to have someone help everytime I wanted to wear them. A little too time-consuming for me, I'd rather just buy a bra made for tank tops.

I have to make my bra straps really loose before using these, but they do a pretty good job keeping my straps hidden. I have used the Strap Perfect and the dollar store knock off. No difference so I recommend checking your local dollar store before spending $10 on these