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  • carolodom49 By  carolodom49    

    Everything Stouffer's is a winner, in my book! I gave these a four instead of five simply because I don't care for stuffed, hot sandwiches, but my grandchildren love them!

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  • veronicajo By  veronicajo    

    I love these. Now that it is cold what a great way to warm up at lunch. I love the taste. I have tried all the flavors and love them all.

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  • blondspi By  blondspi    

    I love these. They are delicious and the perfect portion size for a working lunch!!

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  • tris2002 By  tris2002    

    Ive tried three different varieties of these-I like that there is a variety and that they cook pretty quickly making it perfect for lunches at work. I agree with kimvoloshin that the heating is off. I'm not sure if it was the wattage of the microwave i used or what but the soup cooked in the time noted on the box however I had to cook the melt significantly longer (in all three varieties) so that it wasn't cold in the middle. I liked the flavors of the food but my favorite is the tomato bisque and ham and cheese. I think the portions could be a little bigger as sometimes i'm left wanting more to eat.

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  • kimvoloshin By  kimvoloshin    

    Tried the 'three cheese & ham stuffed melt with creamy tomato bisque' and the 'chicken bacon ranch stuffed melt with baked tomato soup'. Very mixed feelings. The first one the tomato soup was great needed only more time to heat than was mentioned on the package at least 2 minutes more, however the three cheese & ham stuffed melt needed less than was mentioned. The taste of both is good and I would buy it again. The chicken bacon ranch stuffed melt, was too salty and the baked potato soup tasted mildly burned. Would not try it again but my 10 yr old loved the melt. The soup could be a little more and the melt a little less heavy. The thought process is great and is good when you have very limited time to make a lunch or dinner. We had it for dinner and it was more than enough.

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