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  • Jennyrae089 By  Jennyrae089    

    Great quality

    I shop for almost all of my daughters clothes at Carters!! They have some amazing doorbuster deals and the quality of the clothing is so much better than others. Plus every time I go in to shop the staff is always so pleasant and helpful!!!

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  • itsashley86 By  itsashley86    

    I?m obsessed with shopping at Carters for my nephew! They have adorable clothes! I?m really enjoying the SkipHop zoo animal products they sell! It?s a huge plus that they always have amazing sales! I?ve easily spent a couple hundred dollars the past two months on my nephew just at Carter?s alone!!

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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    Go - you're welcome, in advance

    OUTLET freaking rocks & you hit the clearance with an additional % off ... you can hit the jackpot - gotta watch for the sales & signing up (email) truly makes it far more worth it - the clothing is made of good quality & actually last the toddler years - the customer service - you feel as family NO forced purchases & VERY helpful - assist ya when needed & otherwise leave ya to your shopping

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    My son wears Carters clothes often and they fit his slim figure well. They always have wonderful specials that a mother shopping on a budget could appreciate. I am always welcomed upon entering the store and thanked when I leave. I will continue to make Carters my main shopping source for my 2.5 year old.

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  • Classysarah By  Classysarah    

    I like the outlet stores and shopping online to get the best deals! I always get compliments on my kids clothes that I buy from here!

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  • FitMom15 By  FitMom15    

    I have two little girls and I can always find what I am looking for at Carters! Plus I can always get them matching outfits with the wonderful sales they have. Also on top of the sales I get coupons in the mail and extra $10 off coupon at the store when I cash out. This store is just wonderful!

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  • newrichardson By  newrichardson    

    I just had my first Grandson and I love this store let alone the Carter's name. This product has been around for ever and the quality still stands. I have found so many cute items here that I have to stay out of the store now because my daughter has no more room for new clothes! Great store with great bargains.

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  • mom2asquared By  mom2asquared    

    We have a local store here in town, and I love going to it. The quality of Carters clothes is amazing and they hold up to everything my kids put them through. I like going to the store better than shopping at other stores that carry Carters products. Thats because the actual store has way better deals and sales than what other stores sell the merchandise at. All of their items are super cute as well

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  • Alidave6 By  Alidave6    

    LOVE Carter's clothing for my little one, but was disappointed by the outlet prices. I have found most of the same clothing at their online site CHEAPER than the outlet.

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  • Busyb4thm By  Busyb4thm    

    I like the clothes and how soft they are but they dont have a good selection of boys clothes.

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  • sunnygrl2293 By  sunnygrl2293    

    Love this store...they always have the cutest selection and you can always get it at an affordable price.

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  • shaktimom By  shaktimom    

    Our family loves this store. When Carter's has a sale, it's the best place to shop. Throughout the year they have frequent sales and email updates, which can include coupons up to 40% off (which sometimes can be used in conjunction with sale and clearance items). The clothing quality is great and I've always had great customer service in their stores.

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  • love4999 By  love4999    

    90% of my children's clothing is from Carter's. They are well made and wash well. You can get a lot of great deals when you combine sales and 40% off coupons.

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    Loved Carter outfits when my daughter was little, but I bought them at Ross for the most part. I went to the outlet here in Florida and found some things cheaper, but Not everything. Though with Ross you really have to search through stuff and sometimes the selection is not that great, so jcp or the outlet would be my next stop.

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  • Rnkmom By  Rnkmom    

    You can get decent clothes for a decent price at this store. I'm one to check second hands stores before buying new but I would put this on my 2nd or 3rd place to go.

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