Stoneyfield Farm Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

Stoneyfield Farm Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

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Healthy, high protein snack Affordable, organic, hormone-free, rich flavor, excellent source of vegetarian protein.

very good brand high in protein smooth sticky and creamy im wondering even fat free taste like cream love it

I LOVE Greek yogurt and this brand is one of my favorites. My only complaint is most are loaded with sugar. I usually stick to the vanilla or plain. For those complaining about the taste of the plain, if you're not adding anything to it then yes, it will taste like sour cream. It's great if you add things to it such as honey, granola, or fruit. Plain can also be using for cooking or baking. :)

I'm a fan of this brand of yogurt,but YUCK!. This flavor is gross. My kids don't like it either.

Love stoneyfield products. Great yogurt to put in smoothies.

Worst greek yogurt.

Smooth taste and feel that it is a healthy yogurt.

It is healthy, and delicious! If you're on a diet, or not on a diet this is the perfect way to eat a snack, and not have to be super unhealthy about your late-night or mid-day cravings.

I did not the honey flavor for a snack it taste like it is more for a savory things like to cook with. So I put it on some fish ooo yummy. But the caramel lavor really won me over I was shocked!! I had never heard of that flavor of yogurt it tastes like pudding. I put it on everything and I like to add a little sea salt and freeze it for a salted caramel frozen yogurt. Itt is to live for!!

I love this product, it's smooth and rich. ..and something about greek yogurt that makes it very special.

Amazingly tasty and healthy product which combines with granola or fruits (fresh or dried) and honey better than many of the other yoghurts?Great for parfait.

I love Stonyfield as a company and what they stand for. We only buy organic yogurt and this is the one for us! I do wish they'd come out with 32 oz Greek Yogurt, as they do with their regular yogurt.

Fantastic brand of yogurt, Oikos and Chobani are neck and neck in my book.

Great yogurt! I like the plain kind for smoothies! Very yummy and creamy.

This is the only brand of yogurt I buy. I love its taste, but also the fact that it doesn't contain too many carbs like so many other Greek yogurts do. It is wonderful in smoothees, by the spoonful or in parfaits. I buy it every week for my family.