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Welcome to the April Stock Up & Save Event at Walmart Blogger Program!

We’re excited to hear about the brand products you choose to try, read on for all the info you need to complete your blogging assignment. 

How to Participate in this Program

Go Shopping at Walmart or
Use the $60 Walmart e-gift card we send you to purchase an assortment of products from your local Walmart, or online at, as soon as you can. Choose what you think would be most helpful for your family and lifestyle from the list below. Please make sure you purchase from different brands and categories, and if you have child who wears diapers make sure you add Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers to your cart. You can purchase any products listed on or bring the list below in-store with you!

Try It:
Begin using the products right away. 

Blog About It:
Once you have tried all of your products, write a blog post to let your readers know about the Stock Up & Save Event at Walmart stores during April. You should submit your blog post no later than April 15. You should also:

Inspiration for Your Post

Share It: Share your blog post on your social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) with the hashtag #StockUpSave, and be sure to loop in @Walmart and @SheSpeaksUp.

Program Links:

Key Messages: 

Participating Products In The April Stock Up And Save Event: Drive your audience to go in store during April to purchase these products, or head to

SheSpeaks "Sponsored Post" Thumbnails
Feel free to use one of our thumbnails in your blog post. Please do not use these in place of a disclosure statement. Use them in addition to your disclosure statement (i.e. This is a sponsored post for Folgers/SheSpeaks.) Thank you!

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